Our Journey…

July 7, 1998 I became Mrs. Jacob L

September 1998-October 31, 1998 PREGNANT!

December 17, 1998-PCOS diagnosis put on Provera to stop bleeding

January 1999-Clomid

Aug/September 1999 switch GYN’s says NO PCOS

November/December 1999 HSG-blocked R tube, and polyp

January 2000 Laparascopy discoveres endometriosis Hysteroscopy removes polyp, R tube still questioned if it was clear.

February, March, and April 2000 Clomid cycles

June 2000-Faint BFP, Period Starts Next Day

October 2000-NEW GYN in PGH finds cyst on L ovary, questions tubal pregnancy before ultrasound, Provera given

November-2nd HSG right tube clear, PCOS diagnosed again, more Clomid

April 2001-First RE Visit-told to have sugar levels checked before moving to IUI

May 2001 diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes–blood sugar 197

June, July, Aug 2001-Monthly visits to RE for nothing more than blood work

On and off TTC on our own, rounds of Provera, self medicated with Clomid off and on 2002-2005

May 2002 BFP, bleeding 2 weeks later

December 2004 2nd Opinion new RE, he wants me to see a perinatologist before we begin IUI

January 2005, see Perinatologist all clear given to TTC w/insulin resistance

February 2005 Femera w/Follistim & Ovidrel-Timed BD-BFN

March 2005 Follistim & Ovidrel-Timed BD-BFN

April 2005 Birth Control Pills for Cyst

May 2005-Follistim & Ovidrel-IUI-BFN

June 2005-Birth Control Pills for Cyst

July-August-September 2005 BREAK

October 2005-Follistim & Ovidrel-Timed BD-BFN



July 2007-Revisit with Dr. K

September 2007–Follistim, Ovidrel IUI-BFN

October 2007–DR. K refuses to do Laparascopy, states IVF the only way we will become pregnant

January 2008–Third RE, wants to perform Laparascopy

February 12, 2008 Lap performed by Dr T.  Finds L ovary adhered to uterus, Endometriosis, and several small uterine polyps as well as inoperable fibroid at top of uterus

March 10 first post op cycle begins

March 22nd-EXCELLENT post coital test

March 23rd-Trigger with Ovidrel


March 29th-P4 check–level at 56

April 8–14 DPO BFP on HPT

April 9–Beta 80

April 14–Beta only 124 Pregnancy Non Viable

April 21–Methotrexate Shot

April 26–Beta still 124–NO CHANGE

April 30th–Miscarry Completely at home

 May 2nd–Levels drop to 72

 May 9th–Level drops to 48

May 15–Level 11

June 2 Post miscarriage AF

June 19 P4 49.3 4 days post ovulation

June 27 12 dpo HCG 2, P4 10.8

June 29–14 DPO cycle begins

July 4–?? 2008—Back on a birth control break.


5 responses to “Our Journey…

  1. Cassie (DS Friend)

    You have been thru so much!!
    I just wondered if you remember all of this without looking it up?
    When I went to new doc in Jan. they couldn’t believe I could remember everything I had taken, dates of m/c’s, etc just off the top of my head. People just don’t understand these things are imprinted in you!!

  2. hope4tomorrow

    Wow, I feel like I’ve been yanked around by this terrible disease of infertility, but you’ve been through so much!!

  3. DUDE! You have absolutely been through it, haven’t you? Here’s to hanging on by fingernails….and thank you for visiting my site….

  4. Hey sweetie!!! I’m going to miss your journals on DS, but hopefully I’ll remember to check here to get updates on how your doing! Are you still going to be posting on the boards and stuff?

  5. Man, I feel your pain, so sorry to read all you’ve been through, you guys have certainly been through it. Your perserverence is just so encouraging, God bless.

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