Daily Double Portions–UPDATED 01-19-2009

Is Anything Too Difficult?

“Is anything too difficult for the Lord?”
Genesis 18:14

“For nothing will be impossible with God!”
Luke 1:37

An unforeseen mountain or river has placed itself in your path. Infertility has caused hurts and fears you never could have imagined if you had not had trouble achieving what so many do easily and even by accident. Some of you have struggled for years and years and others of you are just beginning your journey. For all of us, there is hope to be found in the Word of God.

In the stories of the births of Isaac and Jesus Himself we see some similarities. Astonished parents. Surprise. A promised child. But I want to point out to you a couple of very similar and wonderful statements undoubtedly proclaimed with a twinkle in the eye of the holy messenger who was honored to share it. Go back with me to Sarah’s tent as the angel of the Lord told her that at the tender young age of 90 that she would finally bear the child she had craved her entire life. What was that blessed question to the dazed octogenarian? “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14) I know Sarah laughed in disbelief, but I can’t help but think that the angel had to at least snicker when he saw the dazed expression on her face!

Now jump ahead to the central event of mankind—the birth of Christ. Look with me as a scared young girl stares an angel in the face as he tells her she is carrying the Lamb of God in her virgin womb. What was his message to this confused young girl? “For nothing is impossible with God!” (Matthew1:37) See any similarities? Both of these statements were uttered to reassure the mothers of children who otherwise could not have been born! It took a miracle to breathe life into the womb of a 90 year old woman and even more miracle working power to bring the Son of God into the human body of a virgin teen! I absolutely love these Scriptures that bold scream out through time and eternity that nothing is too difficult for God! Even more, both statements were uttered in response to the conception of children! That really speaks to me as a woman who has felt the sting of childlessness myself!

Let me tattoo this on your heart right now—Nothing is too hard for God! Nothing! Hallelujah! Endometriosis? It’s nothing to the Great Physician! Unexplained infertility? Not to an all knowing God! Miscarriages? Stillbirths? God understands—remember He knows the sting of losing a Child. His child died too. Adoption? He is the original adoptive parent!

Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing is too difficult for God and He’s fighting this battle right along with you! Disease? He can heal. Financially strapped? He can provide. Confused? He can lead you to the right doctors or support groups. Tired? He can give you rest. Barren? He can open your womb. We serve such a wonderful God. I’m so glad He loves me and cares about my hurt.

“For nothing will be impossible with God!”


One response to “Daily Double Portions–UPDATED 01-19-2009

  1. Thanks for pointing me here. Powerful.

    Despite my anger and sadness, I still have that faith in G-d. It’s funny – I wrote a post that I just haven’t published yet about the importance of prayer and G-d in my life. Despite everything, I still really do believe G-d has a plan. I will admit that it gets a little harder to accept the further we go down this road, but, I still fully believe it’s there, even if I may not, at this point, think I will like the outcome.