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Viva LasVista…

Jacob purchased Vista for his computer and loves it, so he decided my laptop needed it as well.  Of course this was not a good week for my laptop.

laptopcordOn Wednesday night I came home and turned on my little companion while dinner was being made.  Despite being plugged into the wall my battery icon was flashing and my screen was dull.  I checked for the little blue light by the plug and it was absent.  Maybe the wall socket had burned out?  Alas, that wasn’t it because the end tables light was on.  I tried another wall socket, and nothing.  Having had two lap tops I have two plugs, so I tried the other one and alas we had success.  Of course the part of the plug that was bad on the original plug is also on its last legs on my second plug.

I know this isn’t making sense so let me explain.  HP has a dual plug that breaks away.  The part that plugs into the wall is connected by a cord to a box.  Then there is a second part that is just cord that plugs into the box.  The original plugs box was bad, and the second plugs top cord was bad due to frayed wires.  So even though I had 2 plugs with 4 parts the parts that I needed to make 1 good plug were all bad.  So I ordered a replacement from Am@zon and it arrived today.  Talk about service!

As soon as the plug arrived Jacob let me play for a few moments to make sure everthing was copasetic.  As soon as this was confirmed and I began to make bread he decided that it was time to load Vist@ in my laptop.  Of course I am going from the professional version of XP (he had an unregistered copy that we used when my hard drive died) to Vist@ Home Premium.  As a result Vist@ knocked out EVERYTHING in my laptop.  All of my pictures, gone.  All of my Sims2 games, which I gave to Alex since 3 is coming out next month, gone, Fire F-o-x GONE.  Along with the fox went my favorites.  So if you want me to read your blog you will have to post a comment.  Otherwise I can’t get to you.  I do not follow blogs like most do.  I do not use google reader, or what ever word press uses.  I simply read based on comments.  So no comment, no knowledge that you exist.  So this is a good opportunity…if you don’t want me to read you any longer don’t comment.  However if my charm and witt amuse you then I encourage you to comment.

Otherwise, Viva LasVista!


Road Trip!

Yes, my blog has become this boring…sorry.  One of these days I will give it up…but until then….

My cricut was last seen, or scanned in Utah.  To be specific it left Salt Lake City at 1:19 a.m. Eastern Standard Time today.  utahmapUPS tells me that it will deliver it on Monday.  I was kind of hoping for Friday since I am off, but Monday will do I suppose.  After all I am off on Wednesday and Thursday next week so I will use my spare time (what little there will be) to play with it then.

Now my cartridges those are in the lovely state of Missouri.  missouri-mapI can’t remember exactly where in MO, but I imagine that given its closer proximty to me than Utah that they will arrive first. 

We are expecting an ice storm in Pennsylvania pennsylvania-county-mapSo if there is any doubt as to when I will get home from work, I am sure there is a lot more doubt as to when UPS and the USPS will delivery my goodies.  In the interum…I do hope they are enjoying their road trip.  Hmm, I wonder what there is to do in Salt Lake City?

I Can’t Stop…

Apparently I am over my buyers remorse because I have spent much of the day perusing Eb@y and other venues for cartridges for my Cricut.

If I am lucky I will be getting the dress up cut outs.  I have already lost the mini monograms, and the school days but I will try again.

Jacob has calmly suggested that I wait until the machine actually arrives and to actually use it before purchasing extras for it.  This sounds reasonable, but the thrill of the chase and winning something at half off the retail price is intoxicating.  So I simply smile and nod and continue to refresh the the page to see if I am still winning, or if like the others I have lost.

I can’t wait to go to the craft store to purchase some cards and paper.  Especially if I win the dress up card!  I want to make Sara some magnetic dolls.  She LOVES Barbies, but you can’t always take the girls with you.  So I figure I can make some card stock dolls for her, and get a stick on magnet for the back.  I then can get some scrap book paper and make the clothes, adding magnets to them as well.  She can play with them on the refidgerator at Grandma’s, or on a tin in the car.  The possibilities are endless.  If I actually follow through.

Oh and Jamie, I would be happy to send you a card for Christmas, and your birthday if you supply me with your address.    Back to Ebay I go…because I can’t stop!

Bread So You Will Never Go Hungry…

The traditional house warming gifts are:

Bread – So you never go hungry.  Wine – So your life is always sweet.  Salt – So there is always spice in your life

Well my friend Gail went one better.  She knows that if you fish for a man he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish that he will eat forever.  So for our housewarming gift she gave us, or me rather a breadmaker.  I had mentioned long before I moved that I really wanted a bread maker and a deep fryer.  Well, Jacob got me the deep fryer for my birthday and Gail bought me the bread maker for my house warming.

For my first loaf I attepted a plain white sandwich bread.  Well, it turned out to be more like a defunct French Bread.  I followed the recipe to the letter.  To the letter I say, but rather than the light and airy sandwich style that I invisioned.  It was salty, and heavy, and the crust hard.  Thank goodness we had store bought.

My next attempt was a cake like banana bread.  Once again I followed the recipe book that came with the maker to a T.  I put all the ingredients in the hopper and watched as the bread rose, and ultimately baked.  The smell of banana filled the air.  I was so pleased with my “successful” attempt that I carefully wrapped the goodie in foil and presented it to Gail the next day.  The verdict…”It smells good…”  Once again, the bread was dry, but at least this time it was airy.

The third and almost final attempt was a pumpkin bread.  I decided that if not enough liquid items made the bread dry that adding a bit more liquid pumpkin would make it cake like.  Once again I watched with great anticipation as the bread rose, and pumpkin smells filled the air.  This time, I knew I was successful…until I dumped the bread out of the hopper.  Not only was I met with a thud, but an oozing lava of scalding hot pumpkin oozing over my counter.

Ah yes, fish for a man and he eats for a day…give your friend a bread maker and in 2 days she goes through 5 pounds of flour, a dozen eggs, 5 pounds of sugar, a can of pumpkin, and 6 banannas before she finally makes the almost perfect loaf of bread.  I am still a work in progress!

I Am My Own Pet Peeve…

doctorWorking for a doctors office is an interesting occupation.  You see a lot, you hear a lot, and you are told things you just don’t want to know.  Then you have the down right stupid.  Thus we have made a wall of “Quotes of the week”  and often they go like this..

“Who is your child’s doctor?”  I don’t know.

“When were you scheduled?” I don’ t know.

“What location where you going too?”  I don’t know.

“Your child’s birthday, social security number, address?”  I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know…

So today I called the endocronologists office to find out when my appointment is supposed to be.  I know its in January…

“Who are you seeing?”  I don’t know…

“Do you remember the last appointment you had”  Uhm…June, but really I don’t know.

“Do you remember what day of the week you are coming in?”  Uhm, Monday maybe but really I don’t know.

Please hold…

Yes, I am my own worst nightmare, and my own pet peeve. 

Oh an incidentally its not on a Monday…its a Friday…and yes this time I wrote it on the calendar.

One In Every Crowd…

“Are you ready for the holidays?  Did you get all of your decorating and baking done?”  The question was asked innocuously enough at Jacob’s Christmas party.  To avoid the next obvious question “No, we didn’t do anything much this year.  I had a miscarriage early in the spring and our due date just passed so I didn’t feel like much of having Christmas” The woman whom I was answering was my husband’s bosses wife, Rosemary.


She reached over her husband and took my hands in hers.  “I understand, I went through infertility treatments and a miscarriage before we had our son 5 years ago.”  That opened a whole new line of conversation.  For once, I wasn’t the one being left out of the conversation—how many children, what did Johnny do for the school play this year, did Sara make honor roll, have I shown you my newest ultrasound.  Instead I was an active participant in a conversation while two other women sat in silence not knowing what to say. 


As it turns out Rosemary went to all of the RE’s that I have seen!  Dr. IVF is the only way you will get pregnant, told her she was TOO OLD at 38 to attempt a pregnancy with her own eggs!  This was at the consultations BEFORE she even saw the inside of an exam room!  He turned her away!  Now you tell me Dr IVF that its not all about your statistics!  Dr. T, our last RE did a cycle with them, but she found his office to be cold and uncaring during her cycle and her miscarriage-Not unlike my experience.  So at least I had validation that it wasn’t just me!  Dr. Original gives me a $1000 bill and little else screwed up her cycle.  She was to have an IUI, but they messed up the timing and she couldn’t have it done.  Miraculously that was the cycle she became pregnant on. 


She would like to have another child, but is afraid of being turned away at 44 like she was by Dr. K at WPAHS.  I told her that I work for WPAHS’s competition and we have our own baby factory.  She said “I never went there because I didn’t think they took our insurance” I assured her that we do and that we have diagnostic coverage—something she wasn’t aware of either.  She tugged on her husband’s sleeve, and I watched as a smile appeared on her lips and a glint in her eye.  She said “honey we won’t have to pay all that money out of pocket for an IUI this time” He rolled his eyes and patted her hand.


Knowingly she looked at me.  “I don’t know about Jacob, but JC is on board, but doesn’t want to be involved” I looked over at Jacob, and smiled.  “He is onboard, but he doesn’t want to be disappointed again.”  Jacob took my hand and squeezed it, and I knew what that meant.  Later when I told him I owed him an apology he asked why?  I told him because he is a normal guy-he wants me to be happy, but I get that he can’t go to my appointments because he doesn’t want to see me be disappointed. 


Before we left the party I told Rosemary that I would email the information for the Baby Factory to Jacob for JC.  JC told me please do it quickly because she would do nothing but harass him for it later.  Rosemary hugged me and whispered “Never give up hope…”


I haven’t which is why I am going to the baby factory in January myself…who knows, maybe we will run into each other before next years Christmas party…

PMS and My Emotional State…

So I am having a weepy day.  Not outward crying, but I can slowly feel my mental state crumbling into that of either a screaming banshy, or that of a snowman in early spring.  Either result will not be pretty as it reaches it culmination I assure you.

I know I haven’t discussed the cycle here, but I may as well since its almost over.  Last Tuesday we had another IUI.  Go us.  I even had symptoms like I did in March until yesterday.  At that point I decided I wasn’t pregnant.  I even checked my old blog and discovered I didn’t blog much about my symptoms then either–I just lamented about how I couldn’t possibly be pregnant until I ended up that way.  Sadly, I don’t think history is repeating its self.  Which makes this cycle even more depressing as it comes to an end.

This morning I decided to see if my trigger was still in my system.  At this juncture in March I was getting really faint lined HPT’s but this morning NADDA.  I was OK with this until I got to work at which point I got all weepy as I looked again at the calendar and the 15th stares back.  It gets worse when I have to confirm an appointment date for the 15th as I spit the confirmation back to the parent as if they have poisoned me.  Its not their fault that the 15th occurs every month, or that December comes every 12.  Sigh.

At lunch I called my hubby, and then was briefly amused.

“Whats wrong?”  He asked.

“I’m having an emotional day.”  Sighs heavily.

“Oh I’m sorry, do you know why?”

“Well its either because its December or because I have PMS…”

“Again?!?”  he exclaims and questions.  “How often does that happen?”

“Well, December ever 12 month, but PMS if I am regular every 4 weeks or so”

His response?  Lets just say I was more amused than he was.