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My Current Attempt At Creativity

I bought this vinyl long before my Cricut even arrived.  Yet today was the first time that I pulled it out from under the bed.

The color doesn’t really do it for me, so I am thinking that I may end up pulling it down and starting over if I can find a color that better suits.  Unless of course Jacob comes home and adores it.  Rumor has it that you can use Contact Paper in the same manner.  I have also found a web site that sells more than just your standard kitchen colors of the stuff.  So if Jacob hates it I may go that route next.

My other project in vinal that I really want to do is to cover the bulk head that runs from the living room the dining room with a bible verse that speaks to me.  Anyone have any favorites that they would like to share?  Nothing super long, but nothing really short.  The Lord is my shepard Psalm for example would be too long, but not John 3:16; For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whomever shall believe in him shall not perish but have ever last life.  That would be the perfect length.  I am thinking something that relates to wants vs needs, or something pertaining to the sanctuary of marriage.  I don’t know…I need some ideas.

I also want to know what you think of the wall.  Love it?  Hate it?  Susan what the heck were you thinking thats tacky?  Honesty people thats what I’m going for here.  I don’t want to start covering my walls in lettering if it looks completely stupid and out of place.

lastnameonly This is how it started, and then I realized it looks too bare…so I decided to get super creative.  Then of course I couldn’t help but think…”and theres room for more if we need it”  Ugh…allnamesand a further away shot allnames2


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My First Real Project

Now that I am more comfortable with my “bug” I decided to go ahead and venture out and make an actual project.  I also decided to venture beyond the normal paper arts that Cricut is best kown for.

Someone asked if its as easy as it looks on television?

Honestly it is just as easy as it appears on television.  Now each cartridge has different functions, and those can be a little tedious, but once you play with each function and make a few mistakes you really get the hang of it and realize its very easy.  I will admit that I have thrown away a few pieces of paper, and one piece of fabric, that was totally my fault in ironing the wonder under on it, rather than cutting it.

One of these days I will make a project and photograph it piece by piece.

Incidentally its not 100% done.  I still need to add the face, and I am debating if I want to embroider around the edges.  Plus, I am debating and I would like opinions–if I should put BABY on the tooshy of the pants.  Kind of like in a Juicy kind of way?  What do you think?  Over the top?

Now without further ado some pictures!

onsie1I was debating if I was just going to leave it like this, or if I was going to make “angel wings” for her.   The next photo is after I added the angel wing, and the pants.  onsie21 Here is a better one closer up, with the addition of the little angel’s name who is going be given this outfit.  onsie3 Again, I have to put a face on it.  But that is the gist of it.  Each piece is individually cut.  The little brown shoes are each individual, as is each letter.  And now the whole little outfit.  eameschair-035


papercrafts2I am so ready for tomorrow.  My cricut will arrive sometime mid morning.  Luckily, or unluckily as the case may be they will not leave it outside of our door nor in the vestibule either.  No, they will have the office sign for and accept it.  Unfortunately Jacob has already been slated to work until 7 on both Monday and Tuesday.  Being a one car family means I have to wait for him to pick me up or else I have to walk the 2 miles up hill (both ways in 10 feet of snow) to get home form the bus stop.  So this means I will not be getting my machine that will be not only in the same town, but in my complex until Tuesday.  Ah yes, but I mentioned Jacob is working late on Tuesday too.  This is where the fates shine on me.

On Wednesday and Thursday I have two out patient proceedures being done at the hospital and my mom has graciously agreed to lend me her car.  This way I don’t have to drive Jacob o work, drive to the hospital and then pick him up two days in row.   This means that on Tuesday I will leave work an hour early catch the bus to my moms grab her car and be home within 1/2 hour of the office closing.  Brilliant.

At any rate, I am ready for Cricuts arrival.  In two days I have spent $50 at Joann’s.  Of course EVERYTHING that I purchased yesterday was on sale today!  But I am ready.  I have all of my stuff ready and waiting for its arrival.  Then hopefully I will have something more substantial to share with my overtly bored readers–hey I warned you–all infertility all the time had a new forum, and this wasn’t it!

Getting Closer…

newstantonMy Cricut is about 30 minutes away in New Stanton.   It arrived there from Hodgkins this morning while I was deeply slumbering next to the love of my life.  Apparently the non existant “weather event of 2009” didn’t impeed its progress in the slightest either.  At this point in time, even Jacob is anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Not because he has any interest in paper crafts, but because is getting anxious in relation to the amount of money that I have spent on an aparatus that I have yet to see.

Take today for example.  It appeared as if the weather event was starting.  The flakes were mixed with ice and rain and it was all falling steadily.  Yet there we were driving from Best Buy to Joann’s sans 50% off coupon.  I wanted to come home and rip it off the refridgerator, but I knew Jacob’s mood would quickly go from doting husband to claudish bore.  So I dared not press my luck.  Once in side I quickly filled my cart with $40 worth of new goodies.

1 fat stack quilting cotton, 2 remnents, some heat and bond, and of course card stock and a brand new paper trimmer.  Jacob couldn’t help himself and commented out loud in regard to the cost of the “junk” while we were still standing at the register.

When we came home, after I chowed down on my lunch I began to trim the paper from its original 12X12 status to 6X12.  Monday will be here before we know it.

On The Road Again…

illinois_11I received my first cartridge for my Cricut in the mail yesterday.  I couldn’t wait for Jacob to get out of the kitchen (he was unloading the dishwasher) so I could get to the knife block for a pair of sharp scissors.  Let me just say that it amazes me that something so tiny can cost retail $80!  Let me also say that it amazes me that somethign so tiny can make so many things!  The back of the box that the cartridge resides in doesn’t do justice to everything this little piece of plastic can make!

Not only does it make cut out dolls, but it will make you a corral for the cow that it can also produce.  If you are a feeling like a princess a knigth can save you from the fire breathing dragon.  Or if you are feeling swimingly you can make some fish to go with your mermaid motif!  The possibilities are endless! 

The cartridge that I expect today is just a “font” so I don’t expect to be as enthralled with it, as I am the paper doll one, but you never know. 

As for the Cricut its self well its done partying in Salt Lake.  It took two days, but its now residing in Hodgkins Illinois.  Jake said that is too bad, that if it was on the border of Ohio and Indiana then we could drive to UPS and pick it up.  He however was not willing to make the 7 hour and 47 minutes trip to Hodgkins to get it, and yes I g @ @ gle mapped the route to check the time.  To be honest, I don’t thik he would have driven to Indiana either, but I guess its the thought that counts…