Viva LasVista…

Jacob purchased Vista for his computer and loves it, so he decided my laptop needed it as well.  Of course this was not a good week for my laptop.

laptopcordOn Wednesday night I came home and turned on my little companion while dinner was being made.  Despite being plugged into the wall my battery icon was flashing and my screen was dull.  I checked for the little blue light by the plug and it was absent.  Maybe the wall socket had burned out?  Alas, that wasn’t it because the end tables light was on.  I tried another wall socket, and nothing.  Having had two lap tops I have two plugs, so I tried the other one and alas we had success.  Of course the part of the plug that was bad on the original plug is also on its last legs on my second plug.

I know this isn’t making sense so let me explain.  HP has a dual plug that breaks away.  The part that plugs into the wall is connected by a cord to a box.  Then there is a second part that is just cord that plugs into the box.  The original plugs box was bad, and the second plugs top cord was bad due to frayed wires.  So even though I had 2 plugs with 4 parts the parts that I needed to make 1 good plug were all bad.  So I ordered a replacement from Am@zon and it arrived today.  Talk about service!

As soon as the plug arrived Jacob let me play for a few moments to make sure everthing was copasetic.  As soon as this was confirmed and I began to make bread he decided that it was time to load Vist@ in my laptop.  Of course I am going from the professional version of XP (he had an unregistered copy that we used when my hard drive died) to Vist@ Home Premium.  As a result Vist@ knocked out EVERYTHING in my laptop.  All of my pictures, gone.  All of my Sims2 games, which I gave to Alex since 3 is coming out next month, gone, Fire F-o-x GONE.  Along with the fox went my favorites.  So if you want me to read your blog you will have to post a comment.  Otherwise I can’t get to you.  I do not follow blogs like most do.  I do not use google reader, or what ever word press uses.  I simply read based on comments.  So no comment, no knowledge that you exist.  So this is a good opportunity…if you don’t want me to read you any longer don’t comment.  However if my charm and witt amuse you then I encourage you to comment.

Otherwise, Viva LasVista!


6 responses to “Viva LasVista…

  1. Your charm and wit amuse me. Don’t lose me!

  2. I don’t know about you, but, we have two HP laptops and have had nothing but grief with them both. In the two years we’ve owned them, each has been sent back to HP 4 times and, 3 of those 4, both computers hard drives were reimaged and wiped out. I am soooo frustrated with both of these damn things!

  3. Can you get your pictures back?

  4. Hello. I am commenting. Not that I have written much recently. maybe you should log on and give an update for me.

  5. Sorry Vista wiped everything out…are you able to at least retrieve your pictures?

  6. That happen to me a couple years back. I lost everything too including all my pictures. Now I use photoshop to store my photos.

    I hope you’re able to restore some things.

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