Insulin Insolence…

I am most looking forward to Friday.  On Friday I will fax over my first week of insulin induced numbers to my endocrinologist.  In case there is any doubt, I am so very much not amused for  like the Metformin its not working, and its pissing me off.

The ring finger on my right hand looks like it has been moon lighting as a seamstress’ pin cushion.  Which I suppose isn’t far from the truth.  The shots aren’t bad at all.  The needles are super tiny.  They are about half the length of a Follistim needle, but about the same diameter.  Very tiny.  They only hurt if I fail to “pinch an inch” but that is more from the jab than the medication its self.

What is unamusing is the fact that my doseage doesn’t appear to be doing anything.  The endocrinologist was worried about me bottoming out, but you can’t bottom out when you are still waking up with levels above freaking 100, and post prandial levels of 202.

I guess I had different expectations for this science experiment.  I suspected that 3 units before bed, and after meals was a “placebo” doseage and that it works for some, but it isn’t for me.  In talking to my sister, and to another who was on insulin their levels were much higher and much more controlled.  But, just like Follistim, or HCG, or any other injectables it trial and error…but I am renaming it insolence because only my body could be this uncooperative, and unpredictable.


5 responses to “Insulin Insolence…

  1. Sorry things aren’t working out…

  2. Give it some time – you just need to find what works right for you. I know it will happen!

  3. I was hopeful that it would work as the doctor said it would.

    sorry it isn’t.

  4. I started out with small doses and it didn’t seem to work either. I think they don’t want to up them too fast until they deterimine how your body reacts to it. I also needed more in the morning as opposed to the afternoon. I think they want to see where you numbers are across the board so they know where to adjust and how much. Hope it gets better quick.

    (I used different fingers every time so that I didn’t have one that was sore. It hurts less if you do it slightly to the side of the finger and not the top or front!)

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