9 Months…

I happened to glance at Aaron’s ticker on my Mys pace page the other day.  It had been exactly 9 months since we said good bye.  9 month, to the day.  He has now been gone for the exact amount of time that I should have held him under my heart. 

9 months in the span of a lifetime is nothing.  Yet 9 months to create a life seems like forever. 

So much has changed in 9 months.  I almost lost Aaron’s daddy.  If I had lost him, I would have lost him in the same month in which we lost our final baby. My heart still pounds when I think about that month.  I can still relive each of those days and nights as if they were yesterday.  Only this time its as if I am watching some one else play the parts of my life that were so terror filled.  As the images flicker on the movie screen of my memory the pain isn’t nearly as severe.  The images not quite so opaque.

Time heals all wounds, and in this case its true…and all it took was a little over 9 months to realize that I was already there.


4 responses to “9 Months…

  1. You went through a lot in a very short period of time. I hope things are turning around for you.

    I seemed to have lost my RSS feed for your blog in my reader and don’t see a way to subscribe again. Any thoughts?

  2. Thinking of you, Aaron and your hubby!

  3. It is amazing sometimes how time can seem so short yet go by so fast.

    You are in my thoughts.

  4. I pray that 2009 doesn’t bring you the termoil and heartache that 2008 did.

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