“I Lost My Tooth Aunt Susan”

toothfairyMy phone rang at 8:50 this morning.  Looking at the caller ID I reckoned that it was my sister based on the name and phone number.   As I said hello a tiny voice on the other end stated “Aunt Susan I lost my tooth”   Sara was positively giddy as she recounted that she is now a big girl.

Her only concern is that she will be spending the night, and she wondered if the tooth fairy would come.  I assured her that she certainly would.

Tonight I step into the roll of parent, of tooth fairy, of the one who will creep into the room of a sleeping child.  It will be I, not her mom who pulls the tooth out from under her pillow and replaces it with a green bill.  Tomorrow morning she will wake up and discover the prize and she will run into my room with great anticipation to show me what she “won”  It will be I who gets to fein surprise when I am shown the treasure that was left by a mythical creature.

I am sure that I am romantasizing the event, but for one brief moment I get to experience a first that a parent would.  Of course I still hope for the day when I hear “Mommy lost my tooth”  in the mean time I will cherish hearing “Aunt Susan, look what the tooth fairy brought me”  Even if its a one time event…


2 responses to ““I Lost My Tooth Aunt Susan”

  1. This just totally tugged at my heartstrings…enjoy your evening with your niece!

  2. Sounds like you will have a great time with Sara and enjoy playing tooth fairy.

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