Getting Closer…

newstantonMy Cricut is about 30 minutes away in New Stanton.   It arrived there from Hodgkins this morning while I was deeply slumbering next to the love of my life.  Apparently the non existant “weather event of 2009” didn’t impeed its progress in the slightest either.  At this point in time, even Jacob is anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Not because he has any interest in paper crafts, but because is getting anxious in relation to the amount of money that I have spent on an aparatus that I have yet to see.

Take today for example.  It appeared as if the weather event was starting.  The flakes were mixed with ice and rain and it was all falling steadily.  Yet there we were driving from Best Buy to Joann’s sans 50% off coupon.  I wanted to come home and rip it off the refridgerator, but I knew Jacob’s mood would quickly go from doting husband to claudish bore.  So I dared not press my luck.  Once in side I quickly filled my cart with $40 worth of new goodies.

1 fat stack quilting cotton, 2 remnents, some heat and bond, and of course card stock and a brand new paper trimmer.  Jacob couldn’t help himself and commented out loud in regard to the cost of the “junk” while we were still standing at the register.

When we came home, after I chowed down on my lunch I began to trim the paper from its original 12X12 status to 6X12.  Monday will be here before we know it.


One response to “Getting Closer…

  1. You went to Joann without the coupon!!!

    Now that I finally get the coupon, I keep mine in my purse and then when I get to the store I realize that I changed purses and the coupon was left in the other one. grief!

    Maybe there Sunday delivery?

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