Road Trip!

Yes, my blog has become this boring…sorry.  One of these days I will give it up…but until then….

My cricut was last seen, or scanned in Utah.  To be specific it left Salt Lake City at 1:19 a.m. Eastern Standard Time today.  utahmapUPS tells me that it will deliver it on Monday.  I was kind of hoping for Friday since I am off, but Monday will do I suppose.  After all I am off on Wednesday and Thursday next week so I will use my spare time (what little there will be) to play with it then.

Now my cartridges those are in the lovely state of Missouri.  missouri-mapI can’t remember exactly where in MO, but I imagine that given its closer proximty to me than Utah that they will arrive first. 

We are expecting an ice storm in Pennsylvania pennsylvania-county-mapSo if there is any doubt as to when I will get home from work, I am sure there is a lot more doubt as to when UPS and the USPS will delivery my goodies.  In the interum…I do hope they are enjoying their road trip.  Hmm, I wonder what there is to do in Salt Lake City?


2 responses to “Road Trip!

  1. Hey its PA of course there is an ICE storm.

    But PA should be use to that. Wait a couple hours and the sun will be shinning and it will be 40 degrees and you will think the whole Ice thing never happened!

    I am getting excited for you!

  2. Ha!! You are too funny!

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