$16 more…

cardstockSo I had a 40% off coupon and Joann’s was having a sale.  I couldn’t not go right?  I mean really my Cricut and the 2 additional cartridges that I won should be here by weeks end.  I can’t use the Cricut without any paper right?  So I had to go.

As you can plainly see, I have lost my mind.

I just came home with 65 sheet of card stock, and scrap book pages and 2 different sized packages of blank cards.  As Jacob pointed out I don’t even know if the machine works, much less if I am going to be any good at making them.  I added the last part, he didn’t.  He is very supportive of my neurosis-or perhaps he knows that I will kick his tooshy if he doubts my tenacity regarding any project I undertake.

Still, I can’t help but agree with him.  I have in 3 days spend $132.50 on a machine that cuts paper.  Hello, haven’t you heard of scissors?  I have spend $36 on a cartridge for said machine that will cut out paper dolls.  I have spent another $32 on a machine that will cut out letters, and puzzle piece shapes.  I then spend another $16 on paper and cards yet I have no idea for whom I would make a cut out doll card with puzzle shaped letters.

Does anyone know of a crafting 12 step program?


3 responses to “$16 more…

  1. Well, sure – you might have spent X amount of money but how much how much would you have spent if you paid full price for it? So really what you should be asking yourself is “How much have I saved?”

    Sorry – I’m the wrong person to talk to if you ever need to NOT buy something.

  2. Don’t know of a 12 step program to stop buying but I can help you find more stuff to buy.

    2 cartridges that was a great deal!

  3. Cassie (DS Friend)

    If you ever find that 12 step crafting program, please let me know!! I am addicted!! And what you have spent so far on this machine, gadgets and paper, is still cheaper than what you would have paid full price just for the machine. I too am not the one to talk you out of buying!!

    PS. Still jealous!!

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