I Can’t Stop…

Apparently I am over my buyers remorse because I have spent much of the day perusing Eb@y and other venues for cartridges for my Cricut.

If I am lucky I will be getting the dress up cut outs.  I have already lost the mini monograms, and the school days but I will try again.

Jacob has calmly suggested that I wait until the machine actually arrives and to actually use it before purchasing extras for it.  This sounds reasonable, but the thrill of the chase and winning something at half off the retail price is intoxicating.  So I simply smile and nod and continue to refresh the the page to see if I am still winning, or if like the others I have lost.

I can’t wait to go to the craft store to purchase some cards and paper.  Especially if I win the dress up card!  I want to make Sara some magnetic dolls.  She LOVES Barbies, but you can’t always take the girls with you.  So I figure I can make some card stock dolls for her, and get a stick on magnet for the back.  I then can get some scrap book paper and make the clothes, adding magnets to them as well.  She can play with them on the refidgerator at Grandma’s, or on a tin in the car.  The possibilities are endless.  If I actually follow through.

Oh and Jamie, I would be happy to send you a card for Christmas, and your birthday if you supply me with your address.    Back to Ebay I go…because I can’t stop!


2 responses to “I Can’t Stop…

  1. What little artistic ability I have doesn’t lend itself to scrapbooking, but, man, I want to make an whole army of dress up dolls based on your description!!!!

  2. Sweet! I’m sending you my address. My birthday is even around the corner . . . lucky me!!

    The magnetic cut out dolls are a great idea! I loved those when I was little.

    And the intoxication of winning an auction? I have so been there . . .

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