I Won…Buyers Remorse…

cricutI am a Martha Stewart wanna be.  That is surprising to most.  I do not come across as someone who enjoys sitting on my Eames Miller chair with a piece of cloth and some DMC floss watching it turn into a land scape.  So when I mention that I have started a new hobby such as beading people tend too look at me as if  have sprouted two heads complete with horns.  “Really? You like to craft?”  Its one of my many layers that if people take the time to peel back the discovery isn’t that shocking.

What is shocking however is the number of incomplete projects that I have and my ability to aquire more.  I always start off with the best of intentions, and every now and again I finish but more often than not the project ends up in a bag in a closet.  Alex, Sara, and Timothy all have first year scrap books.  Alex’s was finished within days of his celbration.  Sara’s within weeks, and Timothy’s well lets just say he hadn’t turned 2 by the time I turned it over to his mother.  Tyler on the other hand, well his is somewhere in a bag waiting for inspiration to come over me, and with todays purchase it might!

You see, I won an Eb@y auction with only minutes left.  Not just any auction either.  No, this auction was for a brand new in the box Cricut with George cartridge!  Retail value at the craft store we were at this morning $249.  My price WITH shipping $132.50.  I saved over $100!  I am jazzed, and having buyers remorse at the same time.  It is an amazing gadget.  I can now make specialty scrap book pages with ease.  No longer will I be forced to use pre fabricated stickers, and cut outs in an attempt to make adorable pages that never come out quite like those by the “professionals”  Yet, I wonder in reality how many times I will use it.  After all the cartridges that would allow me to make Christmas pages for example range retail from $39.99 to over $100 each.

So my new goal is to branch out and learn how to make cards too.  I got some wonderful home made ones over Christmas and adored them all.  I figure with birthdays, anniversaries, friends having babies that with a little more investment of time and money that I can have some fun making them myself.  If not, it will end up in the same ranks as my sewing machine that I had to have last Christmas…in its box at the bottom of Jacob’s office closet under a bag of fabric that I also “had to have”

Anyone wanna place bets on how long before I tell you I gave this hobby up too?


6 responses to “I Won…Buyers Remorse…

  1. Cassie (DS Friend)

    OH, I am SOOO jealous!!! I want a Cricut somethin fierce!!! I’m a big scrapbooker and have wanted one for awhile. I just can’t justify putting out that much money for one. So seeing you spent less than $150 for it, I’m so very jealous!! Let me know how it works!!!

  2. I’ll be interested in following this development. I have wanted one for several years now but haven’t been able to justify the cost. I scrapbook all the time. I started when my daughter was a freshmen in high school and I’m now on her 8th book. I enjoyed it so much I started doing family ones. Please keep us updated on what you think of this tool.

  3. WOW, that is an excellent deal! I bought my mom the cricut expression – they had them at one Wal*mart for $299 or so; the personal ones were $184; but a Wal*mart in another town was having a sale, the expression for $199; personal $184. I got the expression. Mom LOVES it and has had so much fun playing with it – she makes cards.

  4. Sweet! There is nothing better than getting a smoking deal from eBay. I better get a Christmas card next year!

  5. I can’t wait to see what you create! Cards should be easier to complete so you will not add to your WIP’s!

  6. Let’s see…I’ve started knitting and crocheting…both projects are now sitting in our ottoman in the family room. I have 2 scrapbooks started, one for DH and my “life journey” and one for Lucky…both are sitting in my “backpack” full of scrapping materials and tools. The only thing I can “sort of” keep up with is cross stitch, but even then, I will go months without touching a project, only to then spend a few weeks doing it. Lucky’s blanket is still no where near finished!

    Good luck on your new hobby! It’s always fun to start!

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