With Great Resolve…

We are in the last few hours of 2008.  What a year it has been!


January found us visiting with our new RE.

February found me under the knife, and given new hope.

March found me starting the cycle that tried to make  me a mom.

April I discovered I was pregnant.

May found me losing a pregnancy, and almost a husband.  If that was a test I hope I passed.

June was pretty non-descript.

July we were back in the saddle again.

August a possible chemical pregnancy, and a glorious vacation.

September I began what should have been a three month TTC hiatus.

October we celebrated Halloween.

November I turned 34, Kathy had her baby, and we elected our first black president!

December we mourned the should have been due date of our little one….


What a year it was!  While I have no idea what 2009 will bring I have made a few resolutions of sorts.  I make no illusions that I will loose 20 pounds, or that I will take up a new hobby, or that I will become a better person.  Those I leave up the optimistic.  Instead the things I resolve to do are things I can control.


For Example:


I REFUSE to visit my in-laws AT THEIR HOME until such a time that they can visit us in ours.  If they can drive 2 ½ hours to see my “dude in a dress” (thank you Gail) sister in law then they can drive the Parkway to come visit their son and daughter in law once every 6 months or so


I am giving myself 365 days to conceive.  I will be 35 in November, and if not pregnant by then I believe it will be time to let go of the dream and to move on.  Yes, I know I have said this before, but everyone has to reach an end at some point and I am on my last RE in town. Plus have I mentioned I will be 35?


I will play the Sims3 correctly and without benefit of a cheat code.


I will be going to the bay in August with my family with or without Jacob.  If without I am renting myself a convertible for the drive.


I will NOT go to my parent’s house before 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve.


Not a Nobel Prize winning list, but it will do for now.  There are some “real” changes that I do intent to make.  I am not that shallow, but those changes will take some time, and will be held closely to the vest. 


So tell me, what are your resolutions or what is on you “To Do List” for 2009?  Any big plans?  Any big celebrations?  Sadly I will probably be in bed well before the ball drops on England!


6 responses to “With Great Resolve…

  1. We have had a similar 2008. I hope 2009 is really good to us.

    We are having my nephews, 5, 6 and 9 stay over night with us (Go ahead and start praying). We are roasting hot dogs and marshmellows on an open fire-outside of course.

  2. Man, a new RE can change everything.

    Best of luck with 2009. And with your resolutions.

    Personal note: I got pregnant AFTER my personally set deadline. So go easy on yourself on that one.

  3. I guess my resolution is that I will have a decision made by the end of this year. I will no longer be cycling with my eggs by the end of this year. I will either have given birth, be pregnant, be on the donor track, or be on the adoption track. I will not reach the end of 2009 (have I mentioned that I will turn 40 this year) with decisions to be made.

    Best in 2009, my dear.

  4. I understand what you mean about setting resolutions you can control. I feel like everything in my life is so OUT of my control I want to pull my hair out.

    I told Hubby tonight I want to be more green this year. Do more recycling and but some reusable shopping bags to take grocery shopping. Sadly, I think I am the last person on that bandwagon!

  5. Oh – and play more board games. I don’t know why, but tonight I am really wanting to break out the board games!

  6. There are lots of things I would like to change .
    There are lots of things that I would like to experience.
    Too many to tell. So for now I am just trying to be more creative in every aspect of my life.

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