Bread So You Will Never Go Hungry…

The traditional house warming gifts are:

Bread – So you never go hungry.  Wine – So your life is always sweet.  Salt – So there is always spice in your life

Well my friend Gail went one better.  She knows that if you fish for a man he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish that he will eat forever.  So for our housewarming gift she gave us, or me rather a breadmaker.  I had mentioned long before I moved that I really wanted a bread maker and a deep fryer.  Well, Jacob got me the deep fryer for my birthday and Gail bought me the bread maker for my house warming.

For my first loaf I attepted a plain white sandwich bread.  Well, it turned out to be more like a defunct French Bread.  I followed the recipe to the letter.  To the letter I say, but rather than the light and airy sandwich style that I invisioned.  It was salty, and heavy, and the crust hard.  Thank goodness we had store bought.

My next attempt was a cake like banana bread.  Once again I followed the recipe book that came with the maker to a T.  I put all the ingredients in the hopper and watched as the bread rose, and ultimately baked.  The smell of banana filled the air.  I was so pleased with my “successful” attempt that I carefully wrapped the goodie in foil and presented it to Gail the next day.  The verdict…”It smells good…”  Once again, the bread was dry, but at least this time it was airy.

The third and almost final attempt was a pumpkin bread.  I decided that if not enough liquid items made the bread dry that adding a bit more liquid pumpkin would make it cake like.  Once again I watched with great anticipation as the bread rose, and pumpkin smells filled the air.  This time, I knew I was successful…until I dumped the bread out of the hopper.  Not only was I met with a thud, but an oozing lava of scalding hot pumpkin oozing over my counter.

Ah yes, fish for a man and he eats for a day…give your friend a bread maker and in 2 days she goes through 5 pounds of flour, a dozen eggs, 5 pounds of sugar, a can of pumpkin, and 6 banannas before she finally makes the almost perfect loaf of bread.  I am still a work in progress!


4 responses to “Bread So You Will Never Go Hungry…

  1. However you did make a beautiful delicious banana bread.

    The second time! LOL!

  2. I’ve had two breadmakers and broken them both… good on you!

  3. I love the smell of baking bread! You make me want a breadmaker now.

  4. You’ll get there! I have faith!

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