It Wasn’t So Bad…

chhLast night was an almost disaster, but we made the best of it.

Mom was supposed to have made home made soup and had sandwiches.  Instead we got Progresso, and chipped ham .  Church that “starts at 7 so don’t be late” didn’t start until 7:30.  By the time communion was dispersed, and the packages delivered to Mom’s friends and choir buddies it was pushing almost 10 by the time everyone was settled in to pajamas and ready to open their packages.

Erica had me as her grab bag person, and did a wonderful job.  She knows my love of flannel PJ’s and made sure I got a new pair.  She also indulged my candle addiction, and the need for bubble bath for the tub.  Finally she clothed me with a new pair of blue jeans.  Everything I needed and wanted all within the forth set budget.  I am in heaven.

Jacob treated me equally as well.  We had a $50 limit that we impossed this year.  So I wasn’t expecting creativity nor anything stellar.  I know that sounds incredibly selfish, and it isn’t meant to be.  It is simply a fact that Jacob hates to shop, and further hates to wrap anything.  So I imagined him going to a 7-11 on Chistmas Eve and filling up on lottery tickets and frozen burrito’s.  After all this is the man who once bought me a sympathy card after a fight we had while dating–“With Deepest Sympathy On Your Loss”  Oh how we laugh about that to this day.  Anyway, I was again pleasantly surprised.   I had asked for a griddle a long time ago, but never got one until today.  He also bought me the BIG jar from Yankee Candle in my favorite scent, Pumpkin spice.  Lastly he got me my most favorite chick flick of all times–Beaches.  He not only listened, but shopped well too.

His parents house I was dreading, but that turned out to be better than expected.  They waited for us to get there to open presents this year.  So instead of it just being Jacob and I opening our gifts it was everyone.  We have a ton of gift cards that we can’t wait to spend.  Khols, Best Buy, a pre paid Visa, and many restraunt cards to use.  They also give us what we fondly call the grocery store care package.  They fill a rubber made or laundry basket with “stuff”  3 kinds of cereal, laundry detergant, salsa, air freshners, soap, tooth paste, razors etc.    The first year we got it we laughed, but now we look forward to them and would be happy if that was all they gave us.    Our final gift from them was a granit water fountain.  I put it in our bed room and am watching the light dance off the ceiling and am listening to the water trickle down the glass ledges.  It promises peace and tranquility…we shall see.

Needless to say, the visits weren’t as good nor as bad as we had hoped…but we managed to survive another holiday with the inlaws and the outlaws once again.


4 responses to “It Wasn’t So Bad…

  1. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Susan, I’m glad your Christmas’ went well. Here’s to hoping 2009 brings you your miracle!!

  2. Whew! So happy that all was not a disaster.

  3. I do believe having a water fountain in my room would make me wet the bed. 😉
    Glad it went well. I love the grocer store care package thing.

  4. It sounds like it was a good holiday!

    I wasn’t much in the shopping mood this year, so all of my gifts were gift cards. I think it was because I didn’t stress over buying gifts but I had so much fun buying gift cards! Picking out what gift card to give who, coming up with creative wrapping ideas. I like the idea of a grocery basket! I wonder how I can hint for one next year . . .

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