Christmas Cheer

I read the Lost and Found Connection almost daily.  For those of you who don’t its a fantastic resource to hook up with those who are facing he same opbsticals that we have.   So when one of the fellow readers suggested an ornament exchange I jumped on the chance.  It was odd really, we didn’t decorate with our usual flare this year.  There is no tree, there is no wreath, there are no “reindeer droppings” cooling in the kitchen.  The only sign that Christmas is less than a week away are the cards that I have received from total strangers friends on Daily Strength, a few family members, and two blogging buddies who sent me pictures of their growing families.  Each card and photo is hanging on the back of the front door, and on the closet behind.  The only other sign are the gifts that have been wrapped for the multitude of family members who didn’t grasp the concept of “Skipping Christmas”  So why then did I sign up for an ornament exchange?

I guess a part of me even before my due date passed realized that Christmas isn’t about me.  Its about the birth of Jesus, and about sharing that joy.  What better way to share that joy than through an ornament exchange with someone whom you really don’t know.  The ornament I sent to my exchange partner was a peacock with real tail feathers.  I had wanted to find a Dove as it represents peace and hope, but I wasn’t able too.  In return I didn’t know what I would receive, but I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

April lives in Mass, and had no idea that I once lived in Connecticut.  Well she wanted to send something that represented New England, so she sent us a lobster.  Then she decided that we should have a sail boat too.  The sail boat is lovely, it has blue enamel; the date; and blue and white ribbon.  I do not know if April knew about Aaron, but Jacob and I have decided that we will use that to commemorate him.  A sail boat in blue, floating on the water carried by the wind.  Nothing could be more perfect. Issac–our first also has a blue and pink ornament for our tree also, but what we really wanted to do was to plant a tree for our babies,  but since we moved we don’t have that opportunity.  dscf3655

At any rate, we are just thrilled with every bit of Christmas cheer that has been bestowed upon us during this season.  We can’t wait to get together with our friends the day after Christmas for dinner, and who knows what ever else 4 adults and an infant can do the day after the holiday.  Yes, we have been bestowed with much Christmas cheer and now I am sharing it with you.


3 responses to “Christmas Cheer

  1. Thanks for the bit of Christmas cheer – there really hasn’t been much going around this year, has there?

    We do an ornament exchange at work and I love it. An IF ornament exchange would be a great idea!

  2. Thank you for my Ornament. I love, love, love it and will treasure it especially now since I know the meaning. What a special gift and I so thank you. It arrived yesterday and will have a place of honor on our tree.
    The lobster and sailboat ornaments are lovely, and a beautiful sentiment to honor your Aaron.
    Best to you in the New Year, thank you so much again.

  3. I am deeply honored by your post. I had no idea what it would mean for you and I am so glad that I participated in the exchange.

    Wishing you all the best.

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