My chair is DONE!  As in completely DONE.  No more staples on the ground.  No more blue fabric bits littering the carpet. No more making buttons.  It is DONE.  Well almost.  This spring I am taking him apart again and sanding the wood and restaining it.

Now here is a question that Gail asked that I couldn’t answer–Why did I decide on the blue?

That is a question that I pondered as well.  When we first discussed covering Eames we looked at the fabric.  I looked at a dark blue sample, a burgandy sample, and this blue.  Before we moved I decided the burgandy was what I was going to go with.  It would be forgiving and would give a great contrast to the green furniture that we have.  Yet last Saturday when I walked into Joann’s I picked up the blue without thinking and ordered 2 yards.

It wasn’t until I was talking to my mom about the chair that I realized why.  You see, Mary K’s walls were that color blue.  It was such a warm and inviting blue, and I always loved it.  So I imagine subconciously that since this is M.K.’s chair, I chose the blue because it reminds me of her, and now that it is done I am even more convinced that everything happens for a reason.

Now without further ado here he is, Eames’s creation Plycrafts rip off and my imagination–my chair-

eameschair-003BEFORE and AFTERdone and Jacob…well he still says “its an ugly chair”


6 responses to “Its…

  1. I think it’s beautiful. You did a wonderful job. Congrats!!

  2. I think it looks awesome. The color pops.

  3. I think it’s BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it. I’ve got a rocking chair I need to take apart and I can only hope it’d look half this good.

  4. Congrats! I knew you could do it.

    I looks beautiful.

  5. You did a wonderful job!!! And, I love your reasoning for the blue. Enjoy the chair!

  6. Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back! You did a great job. I can’t help but think MK has been with you this whole time.

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