A Re-Birth…

I on several occasions have mentioned M.K., just as I have mentioned my chair.  I remember the day I “asked” her for it.  She said “no thank you”  as if I had offered to buy it.  Later when she was ill she remembered my request, and later the chair became mine.  At any rate, along with the chair we inherited her cat.  Her cat and our cat had one thing in common and that was to claw the furniture.  Much to my chagrin they chose my Eames lounger which is actually a Plycraft knock off.  Despite its mutt origins I still was heart broken when I discovered the damage.  Not a surface was left unmarred it seemed seatpart.  Even the ottoman was clawed.  My only option at the time was to put the chair away.  Then we moved…6 years later that is.  Finally it was time to do something about my chair.

I decided I was going to recover it.  At first I was apprehensive.  For starters its Mary K’s chair, and second I was petrified of ruining it.  Ever up for a challenge however I decided to go for it.  On Friday I was having an emotional day so I took a screw driver and a pair of pliers and began to unscrew screws and began pulling staples.  Eventually this is what I was left with eameschair-009The skin lay on the floor like the remnents of a snake shedding.  At this juncture it was the skeleton that held my interest.  See, this chair is no less than 40 years old and the padding styrofoam.  There was no telling what would I would find underneath, but imagine my surprise when what I found was perfection.  Even more interesting was that I caught a hint of M.K.’s house in its sent.  eameschair-010By the time Jacob returned home at 4:45, I was ready for the next step–the fabric purchase.  On Saturday morning he accompanied me to the store where I chose a lovely blue microsuede that will match our couches-the fabric, not the color.  eameschair-012Comparing the two I think the blue will much better suit both my personality and this chair.   It was said that Eames designed his chair to be reminicent of a first basemans well worn glove.  Ah yes, microsuede will do that.

That afternoon I began the process of recovering my chair.  Arms first, ottoman later.  armdone Jake laughed as each arm rest took an hour to complete.  He then told me that any job worth doing is A.  A pain in the butt, and B.  Worth doing well.  The ottoman took less time, and it seems that the cat also approves.  eameschair-020armreattatchedAnd yes, I have warned Freeshia that if ANYTHING happens to my “new” chair that is remotely related to her she will become someones hood ornament.  You know, when I hurl her off the deck and into the driveway…No one call PETA, I wouldn’t do that to my kitty…no, not me…not at all.

Stay tuned.  I will share more photos of my chair as its complete.  There are still buttons to add, and a headrest, backrest, and tooshy rest to complete.  Yeah, this might take till menopause…


6 responses to “A Re-Birth…

  1. Looking good! I am very happy that all is going well .

  2. I’m very jealous of you. I always ask other’s to recover my furniture because I don’t have the patience.

    Can’t wait to see the final pictures.

  3. You are doing a fantastic job! When the cats agree, you know you are on the right track.

  4. I like the color of the new fabric. Looking good so far. Hopefully it will be finished by the next time I come over.

  5. Looking good! I like the new fabric!

  6. Nice job! I recommend a small scratching post near the chair. That saved us when we replaced the couch

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