PMS and My Emotional State…

So I am having a weepy day.  Not outward crying, but I can slowly feel my mental state crumbling into that of either a screaming banshy, or that of a snowman in early spring.  Either result will not be pretty as it reaches it culmination I assure you.

I know I haven’t discussed the cycle here, but I may as well since its almost over.  Last Tuesday we had another IUI.  Go us.  I even had symptoms like I did in March until yesterday.  At that point I decided I wasn’t pregnant.  I even checked my old blog and discovered I didn’t blog much about my symptoms then either–I just lamented about how I couldn’t possibly be pregnant until I ended up that way.  Sadly, I don’t think history is repeating its self.  Which makes this cycle even more depressing as it comes to an end.

This morning I decided to see if my trigger was still in my system.  At this juncture in March I was getting really faint lined HPT’s but this morning NADDA.  I was OK with this until I got to work at which point I got all weepy as I looked again at the calendar and the 15th stares back.  It gets worse when I have to confirm an appointment date for the 15th as I spit the confirmation back to the parent as if they have poisoned me.  Its not their fault that the 15th occurs every month, or that December comes every 12.  Sigh.

At lunch I called my hubby, and then was briefly amused.

“Whats wrong?”  He asked.

“I’m having an emotional day.”  Sighs heavily.

“Oh I’m sorry, do you know why?”

“Well its either because its December or because I have PMS…”

“Again?!?”  he exclaims and questions.  “How often does that happen?”

“Well, December ever 12 month, but PMS if I am regular every 4 weeks or so”

His response?  Lets just say I was more amused than he was.


7 responses to “PMS and My Emotional State…

  1. Oh Susan I am so sorry. Why can’t thing ever be easy. I know this may not be reassuring but every pregnancy is different and you may not get exactly the same symptoms. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Susan, Kathy and I agree.

  3. Okay. I will take that bet.

  4. I am so sorry . . . I know just what you mean about weepy, crumbly days.

    And somehow, Hubby’s amusement doesn’t help much.


  5. The holidays are absolutely killing me…I miss my girls …I am just so sad all the time and full blown PMS is NOT helping..

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