Not Quite The Jedi Master…

starwars1I can’t remember how many years ago it started but for a long while now we have converted the gluttony of Christmas to more digestable pieces.  With the arrival of the second, third, and fourth grandchild in as many years it become quite an expensive undertaking to buy for 2 parents, 2 siblings, 2 brothers in laws, 3 nephews and the lone niece, plus the assorted in-laws on all sides of the family if appropriate.  So we decided on a secret santa.  Thus we only had to buy for the in-laws on the husbands side of the family, 1 adult and 4 children instead of a million people.

For the past two years I have had BOTH of my brother in laws.  My one brother in law is easy he will tell you what he wants-one year it was a floor jack-check done.  This year its a bottle of “good” whiskey, a “good” cigar and or a gift certificate to a book store.  Not specific as I don’t smoke, and don’t drink whiskey so “good” to me means what ever I can afford within the $50 spending limit so that I can buy all 3.  Brother in law number 2 is very specific yet, I am not.

On his list one of his wants is “Dueling Lightsabers for Wii”  Ok, my husband is an uber computer geek-he plays lives and breathes World @f W @ rcr @ ft yet I failed to realize the following.  Wii put out actual lightsabers in the colors of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader PLUS a game called “Dueling Lightsabers”  Yet to me, the list meant he wanted THE lightsbaers NOT the game.  So yesterday my boss and I went to lunch, the local establishment where I wished to purchase said toy was out of stock.  However they called the establishment by Bossman’s house and put the LAST ONE on hold for him.  Bossman emailed me last night “Young apprentice mission accomplished, the Deathstar is fully operational”

I am feeling pretty cocky.  Not only did I score the hard to find Wii accessory, but I still have $30 to spend on the the remainder of brother in laws gift.  So I call my sister and excitedly relay all of this to her.  Feeling pretty cocky, I am crushed when she starts laughing at me.  “Susan, you did a good job but what he really wanted was the game.  Without it, the lightsabers are just deadly weapons…”

The Jedi Master I am not…

PS…so as to avoid this mistake on brother in law #1’s gift…any suggestions on a good bottle of Whiskey, and a cigar???


4 responses to “Not Quite The Jedi Master…

  1. Funny.

    Well if you asked my husband, there is no good whiskey for only $50. 😉 But I think you can get the cheap Jameson for like $35. It’s no 18 year or Middleton, but it will pass. Most whiskey drinkers I know seem to enjoy Acid Kuba Kubas for cigars.

  2. Tee Hee… funny!

    No idea on the cigars or the whiskey. Good luck though.

  3. No suggestions for whiskey or cigars but what a cool video game!! I am a teensy bit of a Star Wars geek and had never heard of that game. Alas, I don’t have a Wii but maybe someday . . .

  4. SO, my husband asked for “A good bottle of Scotch” for Christmas.” So, I am no drinker, let alone good at evaluating what a good bottle of scotch is. Naturally, I went to the wiki. This left me with some education about what I was looking for and the very difference in Scotch and whisky. (Scotch is whisky made in Scotland…) SO, for our drinking family the more unique the better. Also, you can get a pretty good bottle for not very expensive, especially if he’s not been a whisky drinker! The best advice is to “give to the level of the drinker.” ????

    I have no idea on cigars, but I hear that Sir Wilfred’s Coffee located in Hawaii sells some fine cigars. ? They have an online shop.

    Good Luck!!!

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