This is legit.  I used to go to this RE back in the day when I thought Clomid was the answer-well it was, but the wrong one.

If any of my blog peeps win and you don’t live in or around the PGH area it doesn’t matter.  You can come stay with Jacob and I!  I am serious!    Let me know if you win!!!

The basic “rules” are you have to have struggled with infertility for over a year (uhm yeah think we would be blogging after only a month???), be between 21 and 42–guess that rules out alcoholic highschoolers, darn and you must have BASIC health insurance.  Deadline is 12/31/2008

Good luck!


3 responses to “IVF GIVE AWAY!!!

  1. I guess they won’t work with 45 y/o….bummer!

    • I guess they figure since its a “give away” that they want the HIGHEST possible outcome–this way they can say “look what we did and it was free….” There is no such thing as a free lunch…but hey if gets one of us a baby I will lap it up!

  2. I wish it was a Donor Egg giveaway. One look at my FSH and they would disqualify me.

    I hope one of your readers win. I would love to keep up with their blog.

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