Do I Have Welcome Written On My Forehead?

doormat1I try to be auntie of the year, really I do.  So 9 out of every 10 times when I am asked “do you have plans…can you baby sit A, S, T, or T”  The answer is most often a yes.  Yet in the rare times that I have to say no, do not try to make me feel guilty or try to make me change my mind.  Nor should you try to make it seem as though I am loosing my mind.  I remember conversations quite clearly.  Especially when they are attatched to email evidence.

“Can you keep T over night Saturday to Sunday at your house?”

“More than likely yes, but let me check with Jacob”

“OK we will drop him off at your house…”  Uhm what happened to checking with Jacob?  Asked Jacob, he said no because we have had the ankle biters children at our house every weekend since we moved in.  He has a valid point, I will over  A’s house to watch T. Problem solved or so I think…

After making this offer to A…

“No, thats OK.  It wouldn’t be fair because you would then have to drive home.  I will tell husband he has to go to his CHRISTMAS party alone” 

“Really, I don’t mind.  I can come to your house,  Jacob is cool with that instead. its not a problem” 

“No, really its OK.  I don’t really want to go”  Good, because I really don’t want to spend ANOTHER weekend watching anyones children to be honest, but since I am off the hook.  WOOSH.

4 p.m. DING you have email–“Let me know tomorrow what Jacob says about T spending the night at YOUR HOUSE”

Did I miss a memo???  I emailed back and said that I thought this was solved, you weren’t going and that  I along with the ankle biter child were staying home.  Even so I again  check with hubby who is still FINE with me going there to play Auntie of the year.  After all I have been home every weekend since we moved too, and Lord knows he needs his space.  LOL.

This morning “So what is the verdict on T spending the night at your house?  We can drop him around 4ish so you don’t have to come out.” 

“The verdict is the same  as yesterday he is not spending the night at our house, but  I will be happy to  come to your house by 4, no problem”

“Ok fine, what time do you want us to be home?”

Well seeing as its a Christmas party and MOST Christmas parties are over by 11 I said “BEFORE midnight”

Later  “Ok, we will be home AT midnight”

“Uhm no, I said BEFORE midnight not AT midnight.  There is a difference seeing as your clock seems to run an hour behind everyone else”

“Ok just forget it then.  The party doesn’t even start till 10, but husband needs to go because he needs to be a TEAM player, I will just stay at home.”

“The party doesn’t even start till 10?  And you said its a bar, and you want me at your house at 4?  Sounds more to me like a bunch of people want to get togehter and get drunk than to have a party.  Hope husband has a good time.  Sorry I couldn’t help you this time.”

I’m still waiting on the response…but really do you think I am a door mat?  What, I am supposed to take your highly active child over night 6 hours BEFORE you even have to leave for said “party” and yet I am the bad guy.  Man…I really need to get me one of these guilt trips–when in doubt blame it on the baby!


6 responses to “Do I Have Welcome Written On My Forehead?

  1. I am sorry you are feeling like a doormat. You offered to babysit at her house. I am not sure what the problem is. By thw way what kind of Christmas party starts at 10?!? Good luck wth this.

  2. For those of us who do not currently have children, it can be difficult to say no or in your case, YES! I don’t think you’re a doormat, but having been in this position before almost, they do get mad at you! As if the care of their child was solely dependent upon you and now that you’ve said no, their night is ruined. A Christmas party at 10???

  3. You don’t have to watch your nieces or nephews everytime it’s requested in order to be a good Auntie. So I’d stick to my guns and tell Hubby to have a good time while Mama stays home with their kids!

  4. It’s almost comical that someone would ask you this. And what non-fraternity Christmas party starts at 10?? I wouldn’t feel bad at all for bagging out on this one.

  5. You are not a door mat. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes the answer is no.

    I remember when my sister who lives out of town came in with her family and the sisters who live here made plans for them to have an evening out. Dinner, dancing etc… and since I have no children I could watch the kids while they enjoy an evening out!
    What the???
    Wipe your feet as you drop off your kids!

  6. Wow – I thought you message was very clear. I also think you should easily be able to spend one weekend without the kiddos and still be a shoe in for Aunt of the Year.

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