Open House!

As promised when we got settled I said I would show off the new abode.

The pictures make the place look very small, but its not.  The walls yes are sparse because I haven’t gotten everything on them.  The TV in the livingroom for example needs to be hung on the wall.  Then I can hang the family photos around it.

In the mean time, here is the new abode.  I wish I had taken photos of the money pit just so you can see how much better this really is!!!

livingroomThis is the living room from the front door…kind of, as I don’t have a wide lens on my digital camera. livingroom2 This is the second shot of hte livingroom from the window side.  The whole area is an L shape between the living and dining areas.  The chair in the corner is made from grape vine, and was a gift from my sister in law.  That piece of furniture I coudln’t use in the money pit because the living room was TOO SMALL!

livingroom3This is the view of the livingroom from teh dining area.  As I mentined the area around the tv looks institutional because i haven’t hung anythign yet. diningThis is really my favorite spot in the livign area.  The dining space.  Our new pub table looks fabulous I think…and yes that is the window where Jacob wants to hang a scarf for the spring/summer and hang drapes for the fall.  kitchen2 Kitchen with its tiny fridge.  We had a super capacity at the house so this took some getting used too.  kitchen3There is the offending stove that helped give me my newest scar on the back of my hand.  bathroom Our bathroom which believe it or not is also larger than our old one.  Not as long, but certainly WIDER!  jacobsoffice2 Jacobs office (our someday nursery).  Another shot of Jacobs office, please note the lack of deocration on these walls too–I am so open for suggestions! jacobsoffice Oh and of course my chair!  Can’t wait to refurb that!  bedroom1 Lastly our bedroom.  Sorry about the pajamas on the bed…but believe me, just making it daily is a step for us! bedroom2bedroom3So thats about it.  There is a hallway between the bathroom, bedroom, and Jake’s office but thats it.  Believe it or not we only lost 50 square feet from the money pit to here.  I hope you enjoyed the little tour…and hopefully the next time you see photos we will not only have pictures on the wall, but maybe just maybe Jacob’s office will be slated for use as a nursery!


11 responses to “Open House!

  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    One thing that caught my eye…your living room furniture. It looks so soft and comfortable.

  2. I thought the same thing about the couches!!

    Looks very spacious to me!!

  3. Thanks for the tour! The new place looks great. I love the pub table. Awesome.

  4. Looks great! Thanks for sharing your open house with us!

  5. I love your Eames chair. Is it an original? If so, carefully w/ refurbishing it if you want to retain its value.

  6. I meant “careful,” not “carefully.” Oops.

  7. I see where you would put the momogram you mentioned. That would be perfect.

    Great pictures.

    Start with what colors you want to put into the rooms and go from there. Once you get the window scrafs everything else will click into place.

  8. The new place looks great and the vinyl lettering is a great idea!

  9. Looks good. I can’t wait to see it in person.

  10. It looks great! Your shelves and the “Emma Kim” will look great in the dining area!

  11. Oh my gosh! It is very nice. This is an apartment? It seems so huge! I’m glad you are happy in your new digs and still leaving room for a nursery.

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