Interior Decorating…

Mind you that we still do not have drapes for any of the windows in our abode (we have vertical blinds and wan’t to cover the white w/some color), but we now have floating shelves in the dining area!  We are making progress.  The “problem” that we are having is that Jacob is cheap.  He wants summer drapes, and he wants winter drapes but he doesn’t understand that they are sold by the panel not in pairs if you want good drapes.  Then you add into that the cost for decorative rods and his head spins and steam comes out of his ears.   Odds are we will wait until the spring when more sheer fabrics are being shown and then he can get the scarf of his dreams for the sliding glass door, and I can finally pick a valance for the living room that will match.

In the interum, I have fallen upon this website and am in love.    Until yesterday we had a blank dining room area wall, but now it holds 3 floating shelves.  My original plan was to “step” them, but upon returning home the vision was changed and they are now hung in a V type orientation.  Thus, despite there now being a focal point to the wall there is still empty space that needs to be filled.  Jacobs idea was to hang a mirror, but we already have a mirror in that room.  Two would just be over kill.  So when I found this, I just fell in love.  elegantmonoglar I think its a brilliant way of pulling the line of sight not only to that wall, but to the shelves and what they hold around it.  I think that they should have used a longer name for the male in this example because if you look quickly it looks like its spelling Emma Kim, but its Emma K Tim.  Ours will balance beautifully because our last name begins with L which will be flowing, and our names both have 5 letters in them.  I can’t wait to actually order it! 

Looking through the website they have some other options for different motifs as well.  Jacob won’t let me paint again, but boy imagine the fun I could have covering different walls in different rooms with colorful sayings or designs.  And the prices aren’t that unreasonable!  Certainly cheaper than Jakes winter curtains with a decorative rod and tie back for sure!


4 responses to “Interior Decorating…

  1. That is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing the website maybe I can copy your idea.

  2. I can’t wait for pictures!!

    Thanks for the website…going there to drool now.

  3. I like it. Good thing you clarified though because I think it would be kinda dumb th have your wall say Emma Kim

  4. I have a catalogue for that very thing on my coffee table right now! My only problem is they are so much more creative than me and I am terribly overwhelmed at all the choices.

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