Why So Quiet?

My co-worker told me I needed to update my blog.  Not because she is particularly interested in my life but rather because I harrass her about updating hers.  Still, she is correct one can’t expect people to check google reader forever if the authors they don’t read don’t update.  Even worse, I read blogs based on comments so if there is no update, and thus no comments I don’t go check your blog.  Its a symbiotic if not chaotic relationship but there it is none the less.

So what is going on with me?  Well we are 100% moved in.  I have thus far been able to dodge Mrs. Johnson’s repeated attempts to meet me.  She just doesn’t understand that I don’t like to socialize with my neighbors.  Its nothing personal, I am just very choosy about whom I allow into my inner sanctum.  I am in no way as bad as my MIL who doesn’t speak to anyone, but I am a far way from my mother who knows EVERYONE on her street, and will bake them cookies at the holiday.  That just isn’t my personality.  Perhaps it is my generation though.

As I mentioned before I hatched an egg sometime between October and November which really threw off our plans for conception in December.  My cycle should have just started yesterday instead of just ending on Sunday.  So that proved interesting as I had to replan our covert operations, and will make Thanksgiving exceptionally interesting since there will be 3 injections that day instead of my regular 2.  One of which can be done at home in the a.m., but the other two need to be done in the evening.  So come home a little early right?  Well that would be ideal but as tradition goes Sara comes to spend the night so that we can spend Black Friday together.  Erica is dropping her off at 7.  So much for the down lo huh?

So thats about it.  We are just a family of two living a life that isn’t envied by anyone…unless of course you own your own version of the money pit and want to get out.  If that is the case you may envy us a little bit…and yes I know I promised photos…if I am not completely warn out by the time I get home tonight perhaps I will snap a few for you.  Just keep in mind I don’t have drapes yet–yes I have window coverings, but I want to add some color w/some drapes.


6 responses to “Why So Quiet?

  1. You can avoid her forever so you may as well say hello and no you can’t come in in the same breathe.

    Have fun over the holidays! Take a cold pack keep it in your purse and give the injections while you are in the bathroom. Still on the DL.

  2. 100% moved in? I’ve lived in my house for 2 years and there are still boxes I haven’t unpacked! LOL!

  3. Thats great that you are 100% moved in. I know what you mean about your neighbors I am not that kind of person either. I’m friendly but that is about it. Now I have someone rom work living 4 houses down and I hate it. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Go hide out in the bathroom to do your shots! I’ve given myself shots in lots of odd places – bridal suite at my cousin’s wedding, women’s room at my nephew’s bar mitzvah (and that was PIO, so, Glenn came in with me!), hospital room after Glenn’s angioplasty, in the car on a long trip, and, my personal favorite, in the airplane bathroom!

  5. 100% moved in and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet?!?! Wow!! It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! (Assuming you procrastinate as bad as I do)

    I am happy to read what you wrote about your ‘inner sanctum’ – I’m the same way. I tried to explain to Hubby that I am just not in the market for any new friends right not and he looked at me like I sprouted horns. Well, I might have for just a minute.

  6. Glad to hear you’re settled in 😀

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