Chicken Little…

chicken-littleApparently I hatched an egg last cycle. 

Don’t go getting all excited, I didn’t catch the egg.  Worse, I had a feeling that there was an egg being hatched and yet in my synacism I completely disregarded all the signs.  After all, I don’t ovulate on cycle day 12, 13, or 14 when I am left to my own devices.  Further, I don’t ovulate when I am told to take Provera from cycle day x to cycle day x.  Why would I think that my body would decide to cooperate during those circumstances?  Well the answer is simple…because my body likes to mess with me!

12 days ago I had ewcm followed by spotting.  My original thought was “you are annovulatory”  but when I looked at the cycle day I deemed that impossible because it was to early for that to start.  So I chalked it up to a hormonal imbalance and went about my day.  I completely ignored the fact that my nose could sniff out testosterone with wild abandon.  I completely ignored the fact that I was “crampy” on my right side.  Ignorance is bliss they say since four days later I dutifully began taking my Provera on a daily basis, never missing one. 

On Monday I was a shrieking banshi, but still had no clue of what was to come.  By Monday evening my pantry wasn’t safe from my rath either.  If there was sugar as a main ingredient odds were it crossed my lips.  By Tuesday when the cramps came I was still in la la land.  I figured my endometriosis was making a come back and seriously was considering calling and seeing if we could schedule another lap “just in case” before moving on to he heavy guns of injections and tom cats again.  It wasn’t until later in teh day when I saw red that I realized what had happened.  Math was never my strong suit so it took a while for me to be able to add 1 + 1 + 1 and get to 3. 

It all makes perfect sense.  Left on my own my LP is between 10 and 12 days.  This one happened to be 11.  Rebecca had said Provera helps some women ovulate after a cycle or two and in others it doesn’t.  I have always ovulated in the past after a round of birth control or provera.  How could I forget?  Instead of recall I was like chicken little thinking the sky was falling…


2 responses to “Chicken Little…

  1. This whole IF thing just messes with your head doesn’t it? I hate it.

  2. AF isn’t just a hateful bitch, she likes to fuck with you, too. It’s like, buy one, get one free!

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