At Least The ER Is Close…

emergency_roomSo we are all moved in.  The move was smooth.  I picked up my friend Gail at 8:30 and we headed over to the apartment.  Single handedly she put together my kitchen, and then moved on to building furniture while we returned the truck, and picked up another piece of furniture.  The inlaws came and went before I really was even aware they were there.  That is how smooth this move was.  By early evening the majority of the rooms were set up and ready to be utilized, though we were still living amongst cardboard until late Sunday night.

By Saturday night when we were ready to unwind I decided I would make my first batch of sweet tea.  This is Jacob’s newest addiction, and with the rising cost of soda we have decided that would become a staple.  The trickiest part to this endevour was transfering the boiling hot sugary concoction from the pot to the pitcher.  My idea for the safest mode of transfer was to use an extra large measuring cup and to slowly pour into the pitcher.  This worked for the first 10 cups or so until Jacob called from me from the living room and instead of the liquid being poured into the pitcher it was poured over my wrist.  Injury number one.  Luckily however I was wearing a sweat shirt which mopped up all of the fluid with the exception of that on my wrist which left a nasty first degree burn (no blistering, just reddening of the skin).

By Monday with the burn fading and causing no pain I decided I wanted to bake some pumpkin pies.  All went well until the timer went off.  The first pie which was on the top shelf came out with ease.  The second however was when I turned my oven into a crematorium.  I didn’t pull the oven door down to a 90 degree angle, thus as I pulled the pie out of the oven my left bare hand made contact with a 350 degree door.  A portion of the back of my hand immediately swelled, turned purple and blistered.  Of course my concern was to not drop the pie-scalding hot pumpkin on me, the walls and the floor were not appealing.

Of course since I was waiting for the Verizon Fios guy (who never showed up incidentally) I had to self tend which was difficult as we had no first aid items in the house.  Once Jacob came home we remedied that, but not before he said to me “at least the ER is close…”


3 responses to “At Least The ER Is Close…

  1. Yea for being all moved in! Congrats on the new place!

    Boo for the accidents…but they happen.

  2. Maybe you should take a break from the kitchen. haha

    I’m glad you’re all moved it. I can’t wait for you to post pics!!

  3. I had fun helping you move in. The place is great!

    The Fios people better come on Wednesday. I have waited long enough!

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