We’re Moving On UP…

movingIt’s moving day, or at least lease signing day.  I will not have internet access after today until Tuesday.  They say Monday, but honestly once the Fios gets hooked up I really want to watch that to see how much better than cable it really is.

Anyway…my post should actually be titled “Quote of the Week”

My mother one week before moving day “Do you need help moving?”

Me “no were good.  Jake’s dad, brother and sister are coming to help us.  Plus Gail is coming over but thank you”

Mom “Why didn’t you ask us?  We would have helped”

Me “They offered to help and Jake said yes.”

Mom “We offered also”

Me “I know but they offered first.”  She pauses to think about this for a moment…

Mom “Its because they give you money isn’t it?  That’s the reason you are having them help you move. Well fine be that way”

I didn’t acknowledge this.  Instead I finished getting my nephew dressed so he could come home with me.  This apparently frustrates her because she adds “We helped you move in so MIL can get off her ass and help this time”  Mind you they also helped the last time and that meant there were just far to many people there!

I just wish I had been quicker on my feet because I would have challenged the remark about the money “Yes,  mom that is right.  We make people give us money and then we make them do our heavy lifting.”  I mean really if it works I think I am going to suggest this to my HR liason.  “John, tell you what have the CEO of the hospital do my work for me, but every two weeks make sure you direct deposit his earnings in my bank account”  Yes, I can see it now.  Its brilliant.  Our next move will be to the Caribbean.  You know because that’s where embezzlers go to hide…and I believe that is what my mothers suggestion were it true would fall under…

See you all next week!


6 responses to “We’re Moving On UP…

  1. Hold up, you mean I have to pay you?

    I get you unpack your stuff to put into your new place and then I have to pay you to do this?

    Who thought up that tax?

  2. Good luck with the move!

  3. LOL I never heard people get upset about not helping someone to move.
    I think I will have to try that. “Hey, can you lend me some money…I’ll let you help me move if you do…” LOL

  4. Good luck with the move! And your mother…

  5. I hope your move goes well and your internet service is up soon!

    Have fun!

    And your mother, well . . . it’s insane mother logic. I deal with a lot of that myself.

  6. Ah, that is funny. Personally, I thank people when they don’t ask us to help move.

    Happy times in your new digs!

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