The Best Laid Plans…

We are 1 week from moving.  At this time next weekend Jacob and I will be collapsing on our couch exhausted from moving 5 years of stuff into a 2 bedroom apartment.  So all I asked for this weekend was to have NOTHING to do for two whole days.  Of course my weekend was totally screwed from the begining.  Typically I am off on Friday’s, but had to switch days to accomadate a co-worker.  So instead of my normal 3 days off I only had 2.  Then I feel like I am coming down with a cold.  However the stupid thing won’t manifest its self into the coughing hacking cold.  Instead it is sitting square in my throat and ears as both hurt.  I came home on Friday night with one goal…to not do anything on Saturday…then the phone rang.

My brother in law is in the hospital again.  This time for a clot in his lung.  Now I am furious with both he and my sister who works in the medical field.  See, he had a dental proceedure done on Wednesday.  He was off work Thursday to recover.  That evening he was short of breath and having chest pains.  Now in this situation the only vote Jake gets is how are we getting to the ER?  Are we taking the amublance or are we driving?  There would be ZERO discussion of going or not going, but that is exactly what transpired between my sister and her husband.   They opted to wait to see the doctor the next day.  Well it turns out he has a blood clot in his lung and needs to be admitted to the hospital urgently.

So today I was asked if I could take the kids for awhile, which I agreed to and now I have the littlest one sleeping on my chest as I type this because he too has a cold…only his is full blown.

I keep saying “I want just one weekend where nothing is going on”  But that being my best laid plan isn’t likely to transpire any time soon.  Sigh.


4 responses to “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. I hate it when you plan on doing nothing and then it gets all messed up. I hope your BIL is ok and feels better soon.

  2. Well I am sorry that your plans did not work out as expected. I hope that bil is doing better soon. I hope you are feeling better soon too. I hate having a cold.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better along with your BIL.

    I hear ya on the busy weekends. We’ve not had a weekend “off” in gosh knows how long. Next weekend we will though. I’ve already told people we’re busy that day…busy laying around. haha!

  4. Do not plan to have a weekend to do nothing.

    Instead plan to do a lot of things and then when you get call (non emergent) tell them you are busy you have lots of stuff planned then do nothing.

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