Wasn’t It Just Halloween?

Is it my imagination or are the stores not even waiting for the Halloween candy halloween-candy_1to be sold out before putting on the Christmas Carols?  It seems that in my younger days, and I am talking working retail during high school and college that it wasn’t until the day after Thanksgiving that the lights were strung in the windows, and Rudolph and his red nose started being played on the radio.  I still vividly remember the first year Jacob and I were married that it was moved to the day after Halloween.  I was working at one of the portrait studios at the mall and one day it was Ghosts and Witches and the next it was pine garland and twinkle lights.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when Jacob and I went to the mall this past weekend that once again the wreaths and ribbons were dangling from the ceiling.  What was a surprise however was our quick jaunt to the grocery store.  Since we are moving we haven’t done an official grocery shop in awhile and I was jonesing for some soda and some ice cream.  Now one of our Christmas “treats is Tom Tucker’s mint gingerale, but that is sold year around so I wasn’t shocked to see that there were more bottles of it than ussual.  Not giving it much more thought I grabbed some Diet Raspberry Ginger Ale and some Diet Pepsi and headed towards the Ice Cream Isle.

I was giddy as Jacob said I could get what ever I wanted as he is a Vanilla only man.  As I glanced at the brands and their colorful contents I couldn’t help but be stopped by these two flavors.  edyspepicand a more seasonable flavor of pumpkin Even with the discovery of Tom Tucker, and Peppermint Ice cream I certainly wasn’t prepared for the end cap that I would encounter next.  See, its only November 5th.  6 days post Halloween, 1 day post election and 22 days pre Thanksgiving did I expect to see row upon row of Egg nog!  eggnog There they stood in plastic containers, round metal containers, and paper cartons as if it were simply waiting for the rush of Christmas shoppers to pluck them off the shelves.  Given my love of the stuff I must admit that I grabbed a $3.99 quart and then debated which to endulge in first my Peppermint Ice Cream or my nog…decision decisions .  The ice cream won out in the end.

Christmas candy flavored ice cream topped a summer ice cream cone treat…and again I am forced to ask, wasn’t it just Halloween?


5 responses to “Wasn’t It Just Halloween?

  1. Some of the stores in our area had Christmas decor out since the second week of October AND several stores are playing Christmas music.

    Pretty soon Christmas decor will be out all year around.

  2. Yes it was just halloween. SOme of these stores are getting ridiculous with how early they put this stuff out. and in case you were wondering you probably won’t be able to find any of this seasonal stuff after Dec 26th.

  3. I feel the same way. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas and really want to savor it. I find that hard to do when retailers start shoving it down my throat Nov 1.

    Of course it might go down a little easier with some peppermint flavored ice cream . . . YUM!

  4. Cassie (DS Friend)

    I have to admit, I LOVE XMAS!! But, I’m not fond of xmas trees in stores before Halloween is over. Two weeks ago, I walked into a store and they were putting up the tree, I said to the employees “Halloween isn’t even here yet!!” Their reply, “we wanted to get a jumpstart”. UMMMM, OK!! It’s ridiculous!!

  5. My cousin listens to christmas music all year long. It makes her happy. So whatever makes the retail world happy.

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