You Sank My Battleship!

Every year my co-worker buys me a birthday gift.  Every year she tries to make it something I will really really enjoy.  This year was no exception.  On my desk yesterday was perched a hand made card, and a wrapped present.  Not being in the mood to celebrate any more I threw it on top of my filing cabinet but promised that I would open it as soon as I came in this morning.  “But it will make you smile”  She promised, but I refused to budge.

Now before I continue I need to give you a little background.  Last year when Shrek II was all the rage McDonalds picked them up as their happy meal toy.  Me being a child myself had to collect as many as I could.  So as often as possible one of the nurses and I would walk to McDonalds and buy a Happy Meal.  As a result my desk top soon became littered with talking Ogres, a talking princess, and a trio of burping babiesshrek21.   The girls laughed at me when I changed offices and was able to carry my worldly  possessions in a Happy Meal Box while 1 of 3 needed a dolly and a few days in which to unpack hers. 

For Halloween that same year 1 of 3 was giving our mini Play-Doh.  Knowing my affinity for toys, and to prevent any jealousy she brought both myself and 3 of 3 several containers playdoh of the salty smelling concoction.  For the next few weeks 3 and I made snakes, flowers, and many other amuzing dough sculptures.  Some called it childish we called it therapy.

Of course following Halloween comes my birthday and 1 of 3 being the person that she is she remembers everyones, even those of us who say we don’t want to celebrate them.  She is sneaky…she wait till you have to go to the bathroom and then plants your gift.  Last year much to my surprise and amazement she remembered that my favorite gift  as a child was my Hungry Hungry Hippo.  So she went out and found me the travel size version.  hipposI loved it, but the people up the hall complained about the noise.  So now it resides in my drawer under the play doh which I pull out in leu of a stress ball periodically.  This year she gave out play-doh again but I didn’t get any. 

I did however get an awesome gift for  inside my wrapping paper, under the home made card was none other than Travel Battle Ship travel_battleship  Currently 3 of 3 (known to you all as Lavon) and I are engaged in an email game…and I just sank her U Boat. 

My hope for next year, if I am really good is that I get some Bristle Blocksblocks…and then maybe for Christmas I will get some Legos too!


4 responses to “You Sank My Battleship!

  1. Hold out for the Lincoln Logs!!!

  2. What we need are pic a sticks! I loved that game!

  3. Ooooooh – I love toys! I have always hated getting clothes and stuff for gifts. Even when I was a teen. Give me something I can play with!! Do you have any idea how much time I can waste with an egg of Silly Puddy?!?!

  4. How about dominoes? They have two purposes cause you can play them as a game or line them up for a different kind of fun. John and I went to the toy store and bought a bunch of games. He does not set up his battleships very well though because he always puts them in a square in the middle or lines them up in a row and I find them very quick.

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