Did You Stand Up?

voteDid you go out and vote?  Did you allow your tiny voice among millions be heard?  Did you stand up and allow yourself to be counted?

I remember my very first election.  I was 18, I was a Senior in highschool, and my birthday happened to fall on election day.  My family was as a whole registered as Democrats, but I hardly understood why.  Back then my personal economy consisted of an $80 pay check every week after working 4 nights a week for 4 hours at a time.  Gas for Jacob’s second hand Chevette cost us maybe $7 a tank but I knew why I wanted to be a Republican, but what I didn’t know then was that some day I wouldn’t vote that way.  The eve of my first vote I also didn’t quite understand the electoral college vs popular vote, but what I did understand was that I didn’t like it.  I wanted my individual vote to count country wide, not just state wise.  Of course with Pennsylvania being blue it certainly did count on both levels this year.

Anyway…I can’t wait for the day when a woman runs for and wins the Oval Office so long as her name isn’t Hillary nor is it Sara that is, but regardless it is coming.   Regardless of how you feel about gender or race, both of those barriers have been broken in 2008.  Yes, we had Geraldine Ferraro in the 1970’s, but her run didn’t even come close to even cracking the glass ceiling much less breaking through.  After all it was some 30 years before another woman was tapped for the second highest office in the country.  Further when was the last time we saw a black man lace up his Nikes and run?  Some 20 years for that.  Oh yes, it will happen some day…and some day is closer than we realized yesterday isn’t it?

So did you stand up?  Were you counted?  I was.  I was voter number 249 in my district today…


2 responses to “Did You Stand Up?

  1. Yup. Voter # 1220. :o)

  2. Well I am glad I filled out an absentee ballot because due to circumstances beyond my control, I did not make it to the polls yesterday. Mailed my absentee ballot last week.

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