Another Trip Around The Sun…

Today marks my 34th trip around the sun.

Jake has really made my day something special.  He woke me up and let me know how much loves me.  Then it was off for the breakfast that wasn’t.  MIL was at SIL’s again, FIL was sleeping.  McDonalds worked for me, but the workers weren’t so everything was in slow motion.  After 15 minutes of standing there waiting for our order to be fullfilled we got a refund and left.  Jake then went and bought me an ice cream cake–sans candles as we don’t want the money pit to catch on first.

While we were gone my sister and her kiddo’s called me.  Sara was quite upset with my answering machine as she announced into it “Aunt Susan isn’t talking to me mommy”  Timothy had to be coached, but from him I got “Habby Bitday” and “I wub u”  It made my day.  My younger sister called back after I left her a message regarding a cabinet she said she wanted.  My folks, well I guess 34 years later its just another day.  I would LOVE to say that this doesn’t bother me, that the things my husband and sisters did to make 24 hours on the calendar special over road their ignorance of the day…but it doesn’t.  It hurts just a bit…

Even so I am ready to face the next 365 days until I turn 35 with hope.  Last year at this time I didn’t have any…but this year I am trying…A lot can change in one trip around the sun…


8 responses to “Another Trip Around The Sun…

  1. Happy Birthday. I hope this coming year brings you good things..

  2. Happy birthday to you! I hope 34 is a special one for you!

  3. Happy birthday, wishing you a wonderful year!

  4. Happy Birthday to US!

  5. iambrowneyedgirl

    Happy Birthday! I hope this year is a great one for you! 😀

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  7. Glad the kids made you happy.

    Now you can tell the rest of the story……

    Congrats on surviving for another year.

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