Two Week Wait…

No, not that kind of two week wait.

No, in two weeks we will be moving.  This is one of our last weekends in our house.  As I look around the slowly emptying rooms I help but become a little nostalgic.  Perhaps its because on Sunday I turn 34.  No not perhaps, for sure.

I think back to when we moved in 4 1/2 years ago.  I had turned 30 3 1/2 months before.  George Bush has just been sworn in as president (again) and we had our first house.  I remember the day we closed on our house.  Jake had been unhappy since we made the offer, but on that day he was particularly antsy as I handed over $11,000 in the form of 2 certified checks.  Over the next two weeks we painted and scrubbed, and hung mini blinds and window treatments.  I dreamed of bringing a baby home to this house.  I dreamed of putting a swimming pool in the back yard.  I couldn’t wait for summer so I could see what lay beneath the snow covered drive way.  In case your are interested it was pea stone.

4 1/2 years later though the feelings I once had for this house are fleeting, but the memories aren’t.  In two weeks we will be moving!  No longer will I be able to run to the washer in my pajamas.  No longer will I run outside on a Sunday morning wearing just my bathrobe to retrieve the paper that has been thrown into my withering rose bush yet again.  No longer will Jacob and I be able to raise voices without running the risk of someone banging on the wall reminding us that we aren’t encased by stone any longer.

There will be more two week waits to come even after we move.  8 days after we move I start 10 days of Provera.  3 days after that I start Follistim.  11 days after that i will ovulate.  Then two weeks after that I hope that my last two week wait has been met with fruition.  You know, I wonder when I will ever get to the point where life isn’t lived in the shadow to two weeks?


5 responses to “Two Week Wait…

  1. Why does it have to be the shadow of two weeks?

    You get to move to a new place. That’s good. Push the shadow aside. You get to buy new stuff like you and Jake are newlyweds again. That’s better still. Pull out the sun.

    You get to play co-ed naked twister with the hope and prayer of someone even more joyous.
    Let that sunshine brightly.

    See two week does have to be lived in the shadow. Play in the sun shine.

    Congrats on the new place and wishing much joy and happiness!

  2. At least this is a two week wait where you ~know~ what will happen in two weeks.

    I hope you enjoy your move and your new space!

  3. Are you happy about the move too? I have to admit, I thought I had missed your next cycle when I saw the title of this post. Glad to see it is still forth coming. LOTS of luck to you!

  4. I hope 2ww’s very soon become a fleeting memory for you!!

  5. I can’t wait till you get everything moved and set up because I can’t wait for that yummy dinner I was promised.

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