The Race Is On…

My friend and co worker has decided to dip her toe into the trying to conceive pond.  Me, I am excited for her rather than jealous.  I guess I have come a long way from the 20 something who would collapse into a puddle of tears upon hearing that yet another Navy wife was pregnant…again.  Of course we haven’t reached the point where she comes and tells me that she was successful in her endeavor either, so while I am cheering her on currently, that same state can’t be promised in the near future either. 


G and I are complete opposites.  She married late, I married early.  She decided she didn’t want to be a mother when she decided to attempt the suffocation death of her then newborn sister at the tender age of 3.   I, at the same age some years later knew two things I wanted a baby brother if I had to get another sibling, and at some point I wanted to be a mommy despite also being nearly responsible for the near Baby Magic dive bombing death of my infant sister.  Despite these less and some more obvious distinctions we get along and have become great friends…I think.  Yes, she is the one who when I first met Kathy was convinced that Kathy was going to put me in a trunk and shuttle me off to West Virginia.  Why West Virginia I am not sure, but this was her conviction.  She made me promise that I would call her when I got home where as my husband simply said “Have fun”.  She is also the one who calls you all “Your invisible friends”  which makes me grin each time she says it.


Anyway, she has a blog and at some point she has promised that she may start talking about this subject.  Now, I don’t want to embarrass her or say too much but she will be an older mom.  How much older than I well, I won’t say…but like us she may have an uphill battle with conception.  Or she may be the fertile myrtle that will make me want to claw her eyes out.  Either way, she is becoming one of us, and she will need some support.  Right now her blog is mainly about her observations and craft like stuff…but won’t you go over and visit with her?  Offer advice if you have it or simply say hello.


Incidentally we have decided…just for fun that we are going to get pregnant at the same time because that would really annoy our immediate supervisor.  See, what I neglect to mention is that once she was hired they tried to divide and conquer…well we still have jobs, and the hiring manager…well she doesn’t.  So the race is on…and in all honesty this is one race I am willing to come in second on because I really can’t wait to watch her become a mom…just remind her not to over think it!


3 responses to “The Race Is On…

  1. We have to be pregnanet at the same time. One of three will be driven crazy by both of us.

  2. What a great race to be running!!

  3. I only found one comment. But I wanted to say thank you for it. I’m going to have that song in my head for awhile. As always, I have trouble letting go…

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