Moving Is The New Fertility Drug!

I have decided that I can never leave my husband at home unattended with a phone near by.  See, our paper delivery person flaked on us, and failed to delivery our Sunday paper.  Depite repeated attempts to contact the Gazette and request a replacement we were still paperless as of the early afternoon.  Jonesing for the paper I threw on my Crocs and headed to Kuhns.  I grabbed the coveted tree by product and headed back home with plans to lounge on the couch and suck up as much black ink as my fingers could absorb before heading over to the full colored glossy inserts that I love.

Once I returned home I kicked off my shoes and planned my escape.   I opened the paper and started to read something regarding the economy, or the election I am sure when I hear “We are going to my mothers for dinner”  I looked at his grinning face over the now folded paper.  “Excuse me?  How did this happen?”  Still grinning “Well I called to see if we could come over for dinner tonight.  Mom’s going to give us left over enchaladas”  First, I hate left overs.  Second I hate enchaladas.  Third didn’t we suffer enough at the hands of my mother yesterday?  At first I told him I was staying at home, I was going to order pay per view movies but at the last minute I decided to go along.  Once again I threw on my Crocs and slinked off towards the car.  “We’ll only stay for an hour right?”  I implored…

After dinner, which was not enchaladas but spaghetti and with time approaching the 2 hour mark since our arrival  we were once again discussing the move.  Mom decided she would take our stove, which pleased Jacob.  He is more attatched to this appliance than our marriage I think.  After all “it was the first appliance we ever bought”  As we were talking about the apartment I said something about Jacob’s office being in the second bedroom.  “What does he need an office for?” Mom asks.  “Well he has always had an office no matter where we have lived, and this will be no different.  The second bedroom will be his office”  To which my darling mother in law replies “He better get over it because once you move I just know you are going to get pregnant again and my grand child is going to need his own space” 

I love that she is the complete opposite of my mother.  She may be annoying and over interested during my cycles, but at least she isn’t like my mother who is embarressed by them.  I just hope that she isn’t grossly disappointed if a new floor plan doesn’t equal the new Follistim…


2 responses to “Moving Is The New Fertility Drug!

  1. Mothers and Mother in laws. They are both puzzling at times.

    I think its great that someone thinks like us.

    Jake can share his office for a little while then he will just have to give it up.

    Just think about it, as you get settled in the apartment and the house sells you will be setting the crib up next to Jake’s desk!

  2. Wow – what polar opposites. It is a shame they can’t meet somewhere in the middle.

    Of course, I guess it wouldn’t be life if it were easy.

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