Why Am I Explaining This To You?

Perhaps its the stress of moving.  Or perhaps its the fact that I took my last pill of Provera today and that means AF is imminent.  Or perhaps its just the fact that this story is about my mother in law.  Or perhaps its just because its Tuesday and I have this story to share.

Being the dutiful daughter in law I have been emailing my MIL fairly regularly to keep her abreast of the situation with Jacob and the move.  Over the weekend of the 10th we had stopped over to visit them and to tell them we were moving.  At that time we asked her if Jessica would be interested in the large white cabinet that we have in our kitchen.  We would be happy to GIVE IT AWAY since we can’t use it and don’t want to leave it for strangers.  MIL said that the next time she talked to Jessica she would ask her.  Two things happened that day.  MIL informed us that she wouldn’t be helping us move because “I can’t lift anything heavy”.  That was the first.  The second caused me to bite my tounge, and man did that hurt.  “I will ask Jessica about the cabinet next weekend when FIL and I see her”  Insert generic banter and response “We are going up to help her move things from her porch to her basement.  What I wanted to say was “Oh so Jessica’s stuff isn’t that heavy?”  OR “When are you going to stop the blatent favortism that causes even Sara to stay away?”  But I didn’t.  Instead I wished them a safe trip and told MIL that I would email her on the 20th to let her know how Jacob did.

Well the 20th comes and so does the email from MIL.  “Jessica wants your cabinet AND she is interested in taking your washer and dryer you need to call her, but you need to call her before 8 because she needs her sleep”  Really?  She needs her sleep?  I understand that she is a farmer, and that she gets up literally with the crack of dawn to make sure that Elsie and the rest of the herd gets milked, but I would think that by the time a child turns 30 that they can determine their own bed time.  Further, we are SELLING the washer/dryer and fridge.  The fridge alone was $600 that isn’t something you just give away!  But I smiled and asked for the appropriate phone numbers.

Today I emailed to let her know that with prompting that Jake called, but he got her voice mail.  I also wanted to let her know that we had NO phone call from Dr. Patel either.   Her response was “I don’t know why you are making a big deal about this.  She WILL call you back.  Where did you call her?  What did you say?  Are you going to GIVE her the washer and dryer…”   Not a word about Jacob and how he did yesterday.

I immdiately hit respond realing like a scorned child feeling like I needed to justify my response to calling Jessica but then I did something I have never done before-at first I closed the email, but then once I did the first draft of this blog I retreived it and wrote:  Dear MIL,  contrary to popular opininion all of your children and I are adults.  So why then do you feel that you need to have this explained to you?  Thank you for relaying the message.  We will see you this weekend, but Jacob and I will take care of the sales arrangements with Jessica from here.

And yes, Jessica did call her brother back and no she didn’t want the washer and dryer.  She wanted the refridgerator, and yes she too is going to come help us move…go figure.


5 responses to “Why Am I Explaining This To You?

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with her on top of all that’s been going on. Your MIL makes me want to scream out loud. She’s an adult for gosh sakes…she needs to start acting like one!

  2. I would rather deal with a major headache than have to deal with your MIL!

    I need to create a MIL doll so you can slap it around and take out all your pain on it.

    What color is her hair?

  3. As much as I loved your blog when it was fertility, I still love the everyday madness! In fact, I almost enjoy your stories about MIL as much as baby talk. I now find myself wanting to laugh out loud rather than letting the tears fall. I’m sorry that you actually have to deal with MIL, I truly am. But thank you for putting a smile on my face!!!

  4. Ugh!! I’m so sorry. Good job with the email response.

  5. Your MIL reminds me of my ex-husband’s mother. She lived several states away and yet she still managed to make us miserable. Do they go to a class or it that a an inborn talent?

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