Now We Wait…

The capsule is in, and now we wait. 


Jacob called me at 8:06 to let me know that he was done.  I was shocked as you usually sit in the doctors office for an incredible amount of time before even being taken back to another room where you sit and wait some more.  Yet 6 minutes after his appointed time he was notifying me that he was done.  Well, done with swallowing the capsule that is. 


Right now he is wearing a hideously large vest and receiver he tells me.  Adding to the indignity is the fact that he had to have his belly shaved.  He will be sporting a hefty 5 O’Clock shadow in the belly button region tomorrow!


All kidding aside, I am nervous.  I continually tell myself that percentage wise that there is a remarkable defect or cancer is in our favor.  However there are those who do not beat those percentages.  Yes, being told you only have a 3% chance of cancer is comforting, but what if when the phone call comes you aren’t in the 97% camp getting the all clear?  After all with a progesterone level of 147 I was told my odds of miscarriage this time were exceptionally low.  Yet a week later that level was down to 23.  Is it any wonder that I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around 3% odds are good?


At 4 p.m. the vest comes off, followed by unknown hours later by the capsule.  Then we wait and hope that come tomorrow we don’t see Dr. P’s number on the caller ID….


6 responses to “Now We Wait…


    And I will pray with you for no phone call! I hope it all turns out well.

  2. I hope everything is ok. Crossing my fingers for you.

  3. I know what it means to wait and I also know that 3% chance is a good thing . But it’s still a game of chance.

    I don’t like games of chance.

    I hope your phone call is quick and you find out you are in the 97% camp!


  4. I hope any phone call only brings with it good news.

    Yes, we seem to be stuck on the wrong side of statistics, don’t we? If I could just figure out how to get across . . .

  5. Praying that you get positive news.

  6. Erin from Massachusetts

    Wishing and hoping you are not in that 3%.
    Positive thoughts!!

    Big hugs,
    E 🙂

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