Eames and Me…

Have I ever told you the story of my chair?  No?  Well gather around the fire and I will tell you about my chair, and my upcoming project after I move.

As I have before mentioned, Mary K was a dear treasure to our family who also had  material treasures and one of them was a chair.  In her small living room next to her round table was this chair.  On the few times occasions that I was granted access to watch a television movie with her I made this chair my throne.  During one such visit long before a re occurrence of Ovarian Cancer was going to rob her of us I said “I love your chair, if you ever get rid of it may I have it?”  Her reply was “No thank you”  It was worth a try I thought.  As the years progressed I had not forgotten my love of her chair, but I was certain she had until a few months before cancer would rob her of us.  “Suz, do you still like that chair?”  She asked as I stood at the bottom of her stairs waiting to accompany her to Sunday dinner at our house next door.  “Yes Ma’am, I love that chair”  She nodded her head “Well when I am ready to get rid of it, it is yours”  I smiled and we proceeded next door.

When she passed away in July that same year we all weeped for we lost the person who was a surrogate grandmother to we girls, and who was a surrogate mother to my own having lost hers in 1982 some 20 years before.  As the weeks past and we began the mass clean out I would walk past the chair, but gave no thought that it would be mine.  An antique dealer would be coming and would be determining the value of all things older than me, which included the chair.  Yet to my surprise the phone rang one afternoon and it was my mother.  “Sheldon would like you to come and pick up your chair by Saturday….”  My chair?  What was she talking about?  I knew Sheldon was M.K’s executor, but how did he know about my chair?  It hadn’t been in the will along with our other bequeathments, so how did he know about the chair?

That Saturday my mom and dad delivered what Jacob quickly entitled “the ugliest chair on the planet”  and I eagerly placed it in the cornder of my living room.  It didn’t match any of my furniture as it is a tanish brown faux leather and my furniture is microsuede sage green.  I didn’t care, I was in heaven, some how I had Mary K’s Eames chair and that is where I sat every day until we moved into our current abode.  Unfortunately our living room here would not support a love seat, a sofa, and my chair.  Further complicating this delicate arrangement was when my sister in law gave me a grape vine rocker for Christmas.  Yes, the Eames chair had to go and so he went upstairs to Jacob’s office and that is where it happened.

One afternoon I came home from work to find that one of the cats had clawed the right hand side of my prized possesion from top to bottom sparing not even an inch from the sharp depths of their pointed arsenal.  With the chair ruined I stored her in our walk in.  I couldn’t look at it.  It was too painful.  When we decided to move to our apartment however I rediscovered him as I cleaned the layers of junk out from around him.  “I wonder if I could slip cover you?”  I spoke as if he were a live entity.  The following day upon arrival at my office I excitedly talked to Lavon (who is debating joining us in the TTC world) and was telling her about my chair.  She being a beautiful seamstress I hoped that she could be commissioned to make my slip cover.  However upon seeing the chair she decided it would be far better to reupholster him.

With that in mind, I drug her out one rainy night after work and took her to Joanne Fabrics with me.  We looked at everything from silk to denim, but I have decided on a burgundy micro suede which will compliment my sage green beautifully, at least it better at $21.99 a yard! With that in mind, this is my project and I am going to chronicle it here…

I know that segways completely past what this blog originally was, but I warned you that I wasn’t sure what road I was going to take.  Our infertility story will begin again with my first AF of 2009, but I am not sure if Familyoftwo is going to chronical it or if I will begin a seperate blog for that discussion.  Or if I will go the journey in relative obscurity.  What I do know, is that I am thoroughly enjoying my break and I don’t know if I want my desire to become a parent to become all consuming as it was before…even so I hope you are still reading and mostly enjoying what I have to say.



9 responses to “Eames and Me…

  1. Your chair looks super comfortable!! Thanks for telling us the story behind it. I’m so glad it’s going to get reupholstered to match furniture. What a great feeling. Reminds me I need to do that with the cushions on my rocking chair. Maybe I’ll take a picture first.

    Whatever you decide to do with your blog or if you want to travel in obscurity, we will be here to support you. And of course, if you do become obscure, you will be missed!!


  2. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Good Luck with your chair!!
    I have a rocker that was my Great Grandma’s, it’s not the most attractive or comfortable of chairs, and not in the best of shape, but I can’t seem to get rid of it. I completely understand having to keep your chair around:)

  3. I am so glad the chair lives on. So how did the guy know it was your chair? You didn’t say.

    Whatever direction your blog takes is fine. I hope you don’t stop writing completely but if you do, then I will just have to call you all the time for updates about your life and I know that you and I have the same view about the telephone so that could get difficult.

  4. We too have the ugly chair as my husband named it, it’s not going anywhere because it is so ugly that it is beautiful to me because it has so much meaning. I am glad you get to have it recovered, that will be awesome. Good luck with your journey, I do love reading about it but do completely understand your indecision. But more than anything ENJOY your time off, there is nothing wrong with enjoying it, it does you good!!!!!

  5. Let us know how the easy the project was to accomplish. I have a couple of things I’d like to fix up!! Enjoy the weekend… hopefully we will be reading something (no matter what it may be) on Monday!!!

  6. I wouldn’t call it the ugliest chair on the planet by any means but I can see myself falling out of it!!

    I think it was a perfect gift from M.K. – the gift that keeps on giving. And happy to hear it is going to live on! Updated even!

    The break from TTC is understandable and so is not keeping it at the forefront of your blog. I often think I have let TTC become too much of who I am.

    But remember – we are all here for a rant, rave or cry. Whatever you need!

  7. So….. how did Sheldon know it was your chair?

  8. For Random Reassurance Week, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your stories. You are a great storyteller!!

  9. Yes, you never told us how Sheldon knew! I like the story behind the chair!

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