Are You Sure You Want To Move?

That was the exact quote that I was greated with this morning as I was cleaning out the closet in Jacob’s office.  Mind you that I had already been up for an hour and had spent much of that hour listing items for sale on Craigslist and already had a few people interested in my dining room table.  Heck yes I still want to move!  WTF?

After all it was HE who decided that the money pit wasn’t worth living in.  It was HE who filled out the application.  It was HE who had to go VISIT his apartment building on Wednesday night after dragging me (willingly) to two different furniture stores to look for new bedroom furniture.  And finally it was HE who has already signed up to have the V@rizion Fi@s folks come on the 14th of November so that he can have television the day he moves in.  Though now it turns out they may not be able to come on that day after all and we may have to wait a week for both television and internet.

I just couldn’t believe the question!  Are you sure you want to move?  No I am not SURE I want to move.  Moving is hard work, but we are doing it.  I have already changed our address with the post office, I have already told my sister (the non judgemental one) that we are moving.  But what the heck, lets just forget it.  Lets not move.  Needless to say I just kept filling the garbage bags, one for Goodwill and one for the actual garbage and smiled sweetly at him and said “of course I do dear”

“Are you sure you want to move”  Ugh…


2 responses to “Are You Sure You Want To Move?

  1. Cassie (DS Friend)

    MEN!!! Nothing else needs to be said!!

  2. Hubby and I have had many similar conversations. His starts with, “Are you sure . . .” and I answer, exasperated, “TOO LATE NOW!!”

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