Things Are Moving Fast…

On Friday after Jacob’s PCP appointment we swung by an apartment complex that I have been dying to view.  We had actually seen this apartment many moons ago when Jacob decided that he didn’t like our house the first time.  I had given him an ultimatum.  He wanted to move, and that was fine BUT he had to fill out and turn in an application.  If we were approved we would move.  If we weren’t we would do the cosmetic work on the money pit and be satisfied with what we had.  I figured that there was no way we would be moving.  I love Jacob with a fiercness that I can only imagine would be increased if he were my child, but he has flaws like we all do.  One of his big ones is failure to follow through.  Boy was I caught with my pants down on this one!

I will say I loved the apartment too.  2 bedrooms, 5 HUGE closets, a balcony, pool, onsite gym, storage, washer dryer, bathroom that doesn’t leak, and a “European designed kitchen”  What wasn’t there to love?  Yet I still wasn’t convinced that he would A.   Get our proof of income and B. Fill out the paper work.  Then he did it!  On Saturday morning I woke up late, 8:30 for me is late and that is when I was roused.  I showered and kissed his still drowsy head and told him I had some errands to run.  Immediately he sprang out of bed “wait for me I want to drop the application off at the apartment complex” 

When we arrived I actually wrote out the $50 check to “hold” the apartment pending approval.  Then we took a ride back up the hill to see the outside of our building again.  Now I went into “We aren’t going to get it mode”  Remenisent of “I’m not going to get pregnant this month” mode, but like trying to get pregnant I really wanted this and I wanted it NOW.  The complex is beautiful.  It sprawls over 300 acres in a completely residential area.  There are probably 30 building, maybe 40 that have 21 units each.  3 middle and 4 ends.  We chose and end apartment so the only wall we share is the wall between Jacob’s office and the apartment next doors kitchen!  LUCKY!!  Anyway, the property manager took our application and filled out the blanks–security deposit scale, pro-rated rent based on a November 15th move in date, and wrote our check number on the top of the application.  “I will call you on Monday to let you know IF you have been approved.”

Well you all know how Monday turned out for us, but what I didn’t tell you was Becky called.  WE ARE APPROVED!  I can’t believe it!  We have listed the house on Craigslist as a Rent To Own and have SIX interested parties!  Six interested parties and six weeks till we move!  Jacob has conviniently forgotten to bring boxes home from work yesterday and today but he has made sure that he got our gas turned on there, and that Verizon Fios will be able to come the same day we move in.  I swear he is like a kid in a candy store.

So without further ado this is a close aproximation to our floor plan. The floor plan here is for a middle apartment, but we have and end unit so our balcony is off of the dining room instead of the living room so we have a more open floor plan because the balcony juts away from the wall rather than being encased by it.  And Kathy, yes I know I owe you John (and Hailey by then) dinner at our place!!!  You are first!! 


12 responses to “Things Are Moving Fast…

  1. Sweet! Congrats! Wishing you every success in selling the house!

  2. Congrats! Love the layout. I hope you can sell your house quickly.

  3. Good for you! A fresh start can bring freshness is so many different ways!

  4. How exciting!!!

  5. I am so happy for you. When you said you had good news, I suspected you had found an apartment that you liked. I am so excited for you. Well now you get to pack up your house and have all the fun that goes along with moving. Atleast it is a place you can feel at home in. And a pool, you don’t have to take care of yourself. Very Happy for you and Jake.

  6. So glad your break will be over soon. More importantly glad DH is doing well.

  7. I love the floor plan!! How exciting. I’m so happy for both of you.

  8. Nice! Good to see some happy news.

  9. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Very happy for you guys:)

  10. Now, that is exciting news! Congrats!

  11. Congrats on the new place!!

  12. Woohoo! Very exciting!

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