“Your poor wife.”

Forgive me, my mind is muddled today.

I need to stress this so that we all understand.  Jacob is stable.  HIs scope and his colonoscopy are benign.  HOWEVER he is NOT 100%  healthy.  We have dodged two scary bullets–the return of the bleeding ulcers and colo-rectal cancer.  However he is still having a chronic bleed, and we need to find out first from where, and secondly why.  The good news in this is that the condition is not acute as it was in May.  It is apparently a chronic issue that points to ulcers BUT it still could be something far more serious.  However at this time the doctor isn’t so concerned that it could be the big-c that he is admitting him to the hospital nor is he ordering the endoscope cam STAT.

We are blessed in that we have a wonderful support system, which includes your readers!  Jacob is firmly in the agnostic camp of religious belief or non belief, but personally I appreciate the prayers that are sent up on our behalf even if he believes that no one is there to listen.  His boss also is a huge help.  He called on Monday after we were in the ER, and he called yesterday while Jacob was having his proceedure. Last night my phone rings again and it is him.  Only he doesn’t want to talk to Jacob he wants to talk to me.  This morning he said to Jake “I have one thing to say to you…your poor wife, your poor poor wife” 

As for his parents, we did call them.  Jake’s dad was indifferent, but his mother seemed concerned.  My mother “the doctor” continues to second guess what the two scopes saw and has decided that they should have been able to determine more.  Me, I feel like I am in a fog.  I continue to ask about color of stool, and gauge paleness based on the time of day.  When we married we said for better or for worse—well I have done the worst, so it has to be time for the better right?

UPDATE:  Jacob’s Capsule Endoscopy is scheduled for Monday October 20th.  He will have to “clear out” like he did before the colonoscopy BUT he will be able to start eating much sooner.  He will appear at the doctors office at 8 a.m. on the 20th.  They will place electrode leads on his stomach and fit him with his computerized vest.  At 10 a.m. he can begin drinking clear liquids.  At noon he can eat a light lunch.  At 4 p.m. he has to return to the office for vest removal.  IF there is a MAJOR problem Dr. P will call us the next day and advise how to proceed.   Otherwise we will see Dr. P on November 7th for our follow up.

From what I have been reading 25% of bleeds are caused by cancer, ulcers, or polyps with 75% being caused by Chrons Disease or a vascular problem that has a name but that I can’t think of right now.  However even with the 25% being cancer it is still VERY RARE.  So that is a relief.


4 responses to ““Your poor wife.”

  1. I agree with his boss! I truly can understand your feeling like your in a fog!

    Sounds like whatever is going on it came be dealt with medically and emotionally.

    Since we will take each good day as it comes. I hope today is better than yesterday and I hope the same for tomorrow.

    Hugs and prayers to you and Jake!

  2. Susan that sounds really scary. I would also agree with his boss!

  3. Thinking of you. Good for you for standing up to the ER doc!

  4. Thinking of you guys!

    The day after Glenn’s heart attack, I spoke with his boss, whom I’d never met and, after telling him what was going on, he said “how are YOU doing?” I’ll never forget being asked that.

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