Dodging Bullets…

Once again our prayers have been answered.  I am a little leary of this as we are now two for three in the prayer department.  This doesn’t happen, we aren’t this lucky.  However lucky or not I am grateful beyond words and recognision.

Jacob had gotten an almost clean bill of health!  NO CANCER, NO POLYPS, and no major issues in the large intestine.  He does have Diverticulosis, not divertiulitus for that is when the diverticulum is infected and his is not.  Diverticulosis however does not cause the bleeding that he experiences.  So the next step is to undergo camera endoscopy.  Its rather sci-fi, he will swallow a capsule in which a camera and small light is contained.  Once swallowed he will put on a vest that contains a computer.  For five hours he will wear this vest before returning to the physicians office.  Once he returns they will upload the data and will be able to effectively make a complete diagnosis.

Speculation currently given that he is clear from esophogus to stomach, and rectum to colon is that he has an ulcer or two in his small intestines.  These will be cleared however with medication only.  Surgery is NOT warrented in most of these cases.  Jacob has to follow up in 4 weeks, an appointment that undoubtedly I will have to make for him.  The doctors office however will call with his date for his camera endoscopy.

To say that we are pleased is the understatement of the year.  However we would request that we get a break as we head briskly into 2009.  Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, and I promise tomorrow I will post our good news, and before you all go thinking I some how have been hiding a pregnancy, or that we can do IVF it isn’t that.  But to us it is really great!!!


8 responses to “Dodging Bullets…

  1. Yeah!! Whew. I was very worried when I read the last couple posts. Yeah!!

  2. Good news! Jacob is lucky to have snagged you, I hope you remind him of that daily.

    And I am getting a little anxious about your other good news . . . can’t wait to hear it!

  3. Lots of good news. I hope the camera brings a true diagnosis for Jacob. I pray that whatever the problem medication will cure it.

    Anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s news.

  4. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Great news on Jacob!!!

    Awaiting rest of your good news tomorrow:)

  5. That pill-cam is an uber cool diagnostic tool!

  6. That’s fantastic news. It must feel like a weight has been lifted!

  7. I am so happy Jacob is well! I will still keep you both in my prayers.

  8. The pill- cam what episode of Star Trek was that from?

    So happy that hubby is better! He better listen from now on.

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