Not Your Typical ER Episode…

We have some great news, but it is being back seated (no pun intended as you will soon learn) by some troubling news.

I shared with you Jacob’s situation that began on Thursday.  Well, today it got worse.  This morning when we awoke, before the alarm even had a chance to sound he seemed “off”  I asked him what was wrong and he told me he felt anxious.  Still we left the house together so that I could drop him off for 8 hours of monotony while I came home for a few extra hours of sleep before my doctors appointment.  When I got home however I was compelled to contact him to find out how he was.  As we chatted, he told me he wasn’t doing well.  “Is there blood?”  I asked, and he confirmed the answer.  “Thats it we are going to the ER” I told him.

We arrived by car, vitals stable.  A shocking change from May.  An IV was placed, and 9 vials of blood were drawn.  The doctor then had a bag of saline started, and advised that Jacobs hematocrit was 8.7 and that he would be staying in the hospital.  This was not the news either of us wanted to hear.  Both of us relayed that he had been released from the hospital with a hematocrit of 9, but that he didn’t feel like he did then.  Could there be a mistake?  Our question was never answered.  Instead we were whisked to the GI lab where Jacob underwent his third endoscope.  Fortunately, or unfortunately the endoscope was negative for bleeding.  His ulcers are healing nicely and the bleeding is NOT coming from the stomach.  We were then taken back to the ER, a practice I am told is highly unusual.  You are either discharged, or you are taken to a room.

When we were back in the ER we were told that Jacob needed to have a colonoscopy performed.  Not a problem.  They would like to perofrm the proceedure tomorrow.  Again, not a problem.  Give the prescription for the cleanse and we woudl be on our way.  This request was found unacceptable to the ER doctor.  He sent a nurse in who told us that he was REFUSING to come back into the room if we wanted to go home.  I was incredulous to this.  After the good care that that he had received in May this was certainly lack luster at best.  I demanded that the doctor come into the room.  I was told NO.  When I said I would go find him myeslf I was told he was with another patient.  It was only when I requested to speak to the administrator was I offered any assistance, from a charge nurse.

The doctor was REFUSING treatment unless Jacob complied with the admission to the floor.  He would be signing out AMA if he refused to comply with the admission.  Jacob’s argument was that he would be more comfortable at home.  At home he could take his Protonics for his ulcers.  A medication the hospital does not have in their formulary!  They could however offer Nexium, which Jacob told them bothers rather than helps his stomach.  This was not information that they were willing to accept either.  We were also told that in the hospital he would be NPO (nothing by mouth) until AFTER his proceedure tomorrow, a proceedure of which didn’t even have a set time!  Jacob said NO, he wanted to go home.  He was then handed a piece of paper to sign out AMA, all the while the charge nurse was attempting to convince him to stay.  The other nurse however wanted to know how he thought he was going to be able to schedule the proceedure for tomorrow when they couldn’t even assure him a time.  They then told us the doctor refused to help us, and that if we needed anything more to call our PCP because they were NOT going to treat him.

Jacob signed the paper and we sign ourselves out not waiting for the administrator or the invisible doctor.  When I got him home he laid down on the couch and began resting.  I got on the phone and called Dr. P’s office, the same office that was to do his endoscope on Friday.  Not only were they able to get him an appointment tomorrow, but they were also able to get it at 10 a.m.  One half hour later I was at the pharmacy obtaining Jacob’s preperation.  Now, we wait literally for it to begin its job.

This could be a big giant nothing, or a big giant something.  So please, if you are the praying kind say a prayer.  The Lord has answered one of mine already…so I don’t know if I am at my quota or not…


7 responses to “Not Your Typical ER Episode…

  1. I will say a prayer! I hope your hubby feels better soon!!!

  2. Oh gosh, what a horrible, horrible experience. The ER doc sounds like such a dick. I am so sorry you had to experience that.

    Good for you for taking it into your own hands. I will be waiting to hear the news!

  3. I would say I can’t believe your ER treated you guys that way but of course we are speaking of an ER. Ours are notorius for letting people in pain and agony wait around for hours upon hours.

    I pray that the scope comes back with better than expected results. I pray that Jacob returns to his normal health quickly. I also pray that this doesn’t happen to you again.

  4. There is no quota on prayers!! I’ll be saying some for you guys!

  5. Sending prayers and Positive energy from the crew at chp ent!

  6. Have said a prayer for you. Hope hubby is feeling better soon.

  7. Cassie (DS Friend)

    Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way!!!

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