I Already Have A Child…Thank You…

My husband is a gamer through and through.  We have been together for 14 years, and in that time I have watched him fall in and out of love with just about ever gaming system, and computer console imaginable.  His love affair with World Of Warcraft found us standing at an outdoor mall at midnight so that he could be one of the first to behold an expansion pack.  Our first vacation in five years found us at the beach among others who proudly answered to their screen names.  Sadly, if someone shouts Alatoba, I know that they are referring to my husband and not to some fatal disease that has recently been discovered.


This is why when my loving husband informed me that he had purchased Xbox on Ebay for $50 that I just nodded and went on my merry way.  However it was as I  fired up the PS3 that he just purchased a short two months ago  to watch the latest Blu Ray disk that Net Flix had sent me that I made a shocking discovery.  We own a total of 7 PS3 games.  Each one purchased used from our local Game Stops every pay day or so.  Luckily Jacob is practical in his gamming and refuses to purchase a brand new game for $60 when the same said game will be $20 or less in 6 months.  Yet the pile for the Xbox, which just arrived on Friday afternoon, has now grown to 16 in 72 short hours.  You know the one that he bought on Ebay for $50.  I checked my bank statements and 2 trips to GameStop cost us an additional $90 on top of the $50 he already spend.  Oh yes,  what a deal!


As I write this I was thinking of how our finances will be affected WHEN I GET PREGNANT AGAIN.  I often worry about how I will provide a child with just enough material goods so that they don’t feel deprived tempered with the understanding that they don’t need every battery operated gadget to be happy.  Then I open the door to the closet and out tumbles an Atari 2600, a Nintendo Gameboy Advance, a Nintendo 64, and a PS1.   Then from the living room I hear the sounds of a Ferarri bouncing off of a guard rail followed by my first baby cursing at his ineptness at the controls.  It is at the moment that I  realize, I have nothing to worry about at all, after all for the past 10 years I have been tempering keeping up with the utilities and keeping up with a 32 year old child, so how bad can a new born strain us? After all,  the only difference is this one came to me already potty trained…



8 responses to “I Already Have A Child…Thank You…

  1. I am glad my husband soes not have an addition to games for this reason. But men do have their toys. Some toys/hobbies are more expensive than others but toys nonetheless seem to multiply. For instance fishing equipment. Did you know that you need atleast ten new fishing lures to go on a fishing trip even though the ones bought for the last trip have yet to be taken out of the packaging. I do know that different fish and different kinds of fishing do require different lures but really we still have some in the packaging that have never made into the water or onto a rod yet. Or how about the new tools we have when some of the old ones do the exact same job and are not what I would classify as old. And for some wives the toys mean cars, boats, and all terrain vehicles. So all men have their toys!

    (Oh, and apparently he didn’t come completely potty trained because he still leaves the seat up requiring new toilets to be purchased when the old ones get broken!)

  2. Love this post…my DH has a garage full of “toys” and is always looking for “parts” to add. Luckily, he will happily spend his day at our local junkyard to see if there are any parts he can get there that he needs for his precious “baby” (his truck).

  3. TG has every pc game for star trek. He actually on Bridge Commander on reserve.

    This is the reason he got a laptop. To play games and watch movies.

    When I got Wii he actually found a start trek game that cam be played on the Wii. I said no because I would never be able to use my game console again.

  4. My husband LOVES his electronics. I can’t even tell you how many times he has asked me to watch some show or movie with him only for me to spot him, 10 minutes into the show, with one hand on his laptop, one on his blackberry, balancing his ipod on his knee, surfing the web for the next gadget he wants to buy, never mind that I’m now sitting watching some show he wanted to watch that I didn’t want to watch in the first place. Men and thier toys! I’ll never understand!

  5. If I follow this idea I guess we are trying for our 3rd child, LOL! Mine 1st is 31 and I have to be honest with you and say that the reason we purchased the PS3 was because of me. Now don’t get me wrong he had wanted the thing for over a year but I kept refusing…that was until I played Rock Band and then I was hooked. I only ever liked 1 game before that and it was Tetris and I didn’t need a play station to be able to play it but once I sat down at the Rock Band drums I was hooked. If he doesn’t have it you should consider it, it makes a good gift and even better it’s one you can play together! We spend hours on that stupid thing, the songs are great and it’s a lot of fun in the learning stages when you are so bad you can’t really tell what the song is! 🙂 Just a thought, I hated my hubby playing it but it’s much easier when there is at least 1 game we can play together!

  6. How I wish I could get my hands on an Atari 2600 . . . those were the days. Games were just so simple then. I still like to break out our old school Nintendo and play some Super Mario Brothers every now and again. Now THOSE were video games.

  7. Cassie (DS Friend)

    LOL, You so have a way with words!! My hubby also had an addiction for many years with video games and would curse and throw things when the game didn’t do as he “asked”!!! HAHA

  8. My hubby is also a gaming fanatic. His favourite is C@ll of Duty, which he plays online. He regularly gets together with his workmates to have LAN parties. And he’s 42! Although he did get me a Nintendo D$ for my birthday and I love it.

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