If Only My Cycle Was Predictable…

It has now been 4 weeks and counting since I had any corrospondence with my MIL.  Week #1 I emailed RE my GYN appointment, and how her wish for news of an impending grand child had been put on hold for 3 months.  To that I got zero response.  To that I became angry.  Week #2 MIL emails me requesting that I ask her son to return her duffle bag and AAA Card because we know how imperative it is that she have those two items.  You know because she is traveling out of the solar systems tomorrow and if the ship breaks down she may need to be towed or something.  Week #2–almost week #3 Jacob visits said in-laws house alone.  He asked if I wished to attend, but I declined.   FIL gives him $20 for coming.  I can’t figure out if it was because he came, or if it was because he came without me.  Hmm…  Week #3 Jacob stays home with me, and his parents aren’t even mentioned.

Now as we approach week 4 it occured to me that any day now my MIL should send a forward.  I figured it would come on Thursday since she knows I am off on Fridays.  Alas, I was a day late and a $20 short.  She sent it on Friday.  I deleted it as I don’t read forwards and secondly I am sure she requested notification as to its viewing since she sent it via inner office email.  Sure enough later that same day she sends me another email.  This time from home.  This time its “Monk Mail”  You know like an e-card, or something along those lines.  Something that surely has the “return receipt requested” attatched.

I suppose I shouldn’t be so amused but I am.  If my cycle was as predictable as my mother in law she would have been a grandmother to 4 living grand children by now instead…I just wonder…how desperate will she become as we approach week 5???


3 responses to “If Only My Cycle Was Predictable…

  1. Wow . . . I don’t know how you do it . . .

  2. Atleast she is predictable. Sorry it has to be predictable in a bad way. Here is hoping that the next time she contacts you it is for real and not with a forward, a triple a card or about your cycles and impending grandchildren but just about you.

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