Almost Normal…

My blood pressure cuff arrived on the front porch today.  After the mail man and I had a quick chat about how my 4-10 hour days were treating me I eagerly opened the package and put the unit together.  I ran upstairs and found 4- AA batteries and I was on my way.  I eagerly shoved my left arm into the cuff and hit the start button.  I sat at the table quietly and watched my arm turn an uncomfortable shade of redish purple and then realized I didn’t need to put it on maximum inflation.  Still, I allowed the cycle to complete.

Survery Says–122/87.  I was ecstatic.  It had to be those white coats that stress me, not my body rebelling.  After all 150/102 at both doctors offices is just a little too coincidental.  I smuggly wrote the number down on my sheet of paper and proceeded to send off some emails touting my success.

At 1:20, after having my late lunch and running the vacuum I tried again.  I anticipated results close to those of this morning.  After all NOTHING stressful or worrisome has occured between 10-1 today.  So imagine my surprise when the cuff deflated and showed me a result of 141/91.  Nudging quickly towards those ever so worrisome numbers that prompted the need for such an aparatus to arrive at my door in the first place.

Oh well, at least for one shining moment I was almost normal…but almost only counts in hand grenades and horse shoes…


2 responses to “Almost Normal…

  1. Awesome number. Hope it stays that way.

  2. Well I am hoping that things work out with the blood pressure machine. Atleast if you have a chance to check it more frequently they can’t pull the wool overy your eyes. Hope it continues to get better.

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