Taking Matters Into My Own Hands…

The internet is a helpful tool.  On it you can find the latest celebrity gossip, or the newest recipe for chicken, or even the most upto date information on a previously diagnosed (or self diagnosed) ailment.  So when my flesh and blood phsyicians failed me I turned once again to Dr. G @ @ gle for homeopathic, herbal, or FDA recommended solutions pertaining to my high blod pressure.  Most if not all suggest a simple starting point of a diuretic, and a baby asprin. 

I then went on to check the risks of remaining on hormonal birth control with high blood pressure.  The only warning advising immediate stoppage is if your blood pressure is NOT being controled OR monitored.  Now I can understand any doctors reluctance to allow one to continue on a regemin that could lead to potential maming or death.  After all in a world full of sue happy persons I would be leary of prescribing anything for fear of an unknown or known side effect causing damage.  Heck, while my Metformin helps control my PCOS induced type 2 diabetes it also is potentially damaging my liver.  Everything is a trade off, and as is often the case trade offs sometimes include a fair amount of risk.

So here is my plan.  I purchased diuretics from the grocery store.  I made sure to check the ingredients of all 3 on the market.  One used caffiene as its diuretic, but as we know caffiene can raise blood pressure and increases sugar levels.  So that one was out.  Of the remaining two, I picked the one that had some B vitamins thrown into the mix.  I also picked up a bottle of orange flavored St. Joseph’s baby asprin.  As for Seasonique, my last pill was yesterday.  I fully expect that the bleeding I have now will pick up in a day or so, and should be gone by early next week.  On Sunday the 28th, I will re-start the Nuva Ring.  It will come out the day after my follow up with my PCP.  If at that time my BP is still high, even wih the asprin and the diuretic then I will conceed that I need an ACE inhibitor and we will move on to permanently ending our quest for a child because I will need a permanent solution for the dysfunctional bleeding I experience.

I do have every intention of discussing this with Rebecca should she call today.  I have forwarded my home phone calls to my cell once again.  I will not however attempt to chase her down.  I do not have the time nor the patience for that.  If I were a housewife with time on my hands it wouldn’t be a problem, but like her I work a 40 hour week.  If you want to play tag it will have to wait till Friday when I am off, and playing house wife but until then…I will take matters into my own hands and see what happens.

Daily Double Portions was updated today.  Today’s topic is grief, and its very timely!


4 responses to “Taking Matters Into My Own Hands…

  1. Well you may not have gone to medical school but it seems like a very reasonable plan in the mean time. Hopefully things start to work in your favor again soon. Any answers you get would be helpful at this point. Maybe one of the real life people that are supposed to give you answers will call you back today.

  2. I hope you get your phone call…

  3. Sounds like a good plan . . . I love Dr. Google!!

    Good for you for being pro-active in your health. I understand that docs are busy, but when it’s your HEALTH it deserves some attention.

  4. Handle your business girl!

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