I have to come off Seasonique. 

10 days ago I was so excited as I popped the aqua blue tablet out of its foil enclosed capsule.  Each day after that however my excitement wayned as my blood pressure increased.  Day 2 I noticed a drastic decrease in my sex drive.  Like Austin Powers I lost my mojo completely by Day 3.  By day 4 I had started spotting.  Nothing to be alarmed about the pamphlet warned.  This is normal.  HOWEVER if the following occurs, contact your doctor immediately…if the flow becomes heavier, fails to stop, or lasts continually for 5-7 days.  Of course the same paphlet really contradicts its self when it tells you that many women have up to 20 days of bleeding during their first pack of Seasonique.

Rebecca had tried to encourage continued use of the Nuva Ring.  After all she has warend in the past if you are over 190 lbs the pill is not as effective.  “You can skip your period even with the Nuva Ring, just replaced one for another after 21 days”  she encouraged.  Then after we realized my blood pressure was not going to budge from 150/102 “We will discuss if the pill is really a good option for you”  Yet my resistance paid off, and I walked out with a green plastic tri-pack of pill and a script that would follow me through until my next annual appointment if I so chose to fill it.

Yesterday I had decided I was going to “self medicate”  or self un-medicate I suppose is more accurate.  Today I was simply not going to take the pill.  I was going to all “AF” to come  (in quotes because its not a reall period on the pill), and then I would either re-try the pill for the remainder of the twelve week period, or I would simply re-start the Nuva Ring.  By the end of work I was simply exhausted and it showed.  Immediately Jacob asked what was wrong.  When I told him he said “then stop taking it.  Dr. L wants you off of them anyway.  We will figure something else out.”

This morning when I woke, and had no bleeding I was hopeful that perhaps my body was cooperating.  Perhaps it had adjusted after all.  So I popped another pill and carried on my day.  I was feeling pretty upbeat, and foolish for being ready to give up so easily.  After all I had this same issue when I started the Nuva Ring years ago.  I had to stop using it, allow AF to come, then when she stopped I was able to restart and then had zero problems.  Yes, that had to be it.  My body was adjusting.  Then I went to the ladies room, and of course was made a liar of.  Red, heavy and there.

Now I wait a return call from Rebecca, just to tell her that I am coming off the pill….which when I heard my phone vibrating in my purse a moment ago made me almost giddy, but alas it was my husband.  He said  when you talk to her, don’t forget to add–your moody too.  Thanks hubby…


Great…so she calls back, but calls me at HOME.  I am not at home, I am at WORK.  So I try her back and she is in a room.  Oh, and apparently she has discussed my “situation” with the PCP according to the message and needs to talk to me about that.  Thats it, I quit.


7 responses to “Today…

  1. Sorry things aren’t working out on the pill…but your physical health has to come first. Take care you…sending you lots of love and ((hugs))

  2. I am so sorry your break is turning in to a pain. Why does that happen. I tried a one month break and had af for 21 days. Thanks PCOS. I hope it works in the end.

  3. “good grief” in the words of charlie brown.

    I hope you and the doctors come to an agreement that all will be happy with the decision and keeps you healthy as well.

  4. Why won’t our bodies cooperate!!??? Just one time…on freaking time!????

  5. I think I have now read atleast three different posts related to the same subject. Are you trying to make me lose my mind by changing it constantly?

    I would say if your mood is nasty, your mojo is gone, still having issues with bleeding and what not, then like you said, maybe it is just better to go off of it and see if there is another solution. I am sorry that nothing including birth control seems easy at this point. Hugs to you and Jake as you go through yet another hurdle.

  6. Wow! That was a pretty brave comment by your Hubby!

  7. I’m sorry this didn’t work out the way you’d hoped it would…on to the next option!

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